Shakespeare Institute academic and research staff

Professor Ewan Fernie in a seminar

Professor Michael Dobson

Professor Michael Dobson

Director of the Shakespeare Institute; Professor of Shakespeare Studies

Like his own Falstaff, Shakespeare is not only witty in himself but is the cause that wit is in others. My career as a teacher of and writer about Shakespeare’s plays and poems has been devoted not just to examining these extraordinary writings in their sixteenth- and seventeenth-century contexts, but to exploring how they have stimulated and enabled the creativity of other people, ...

Professor Ewan Fernie

Professor Ewan Fernie

Chair of Shakespeare Studies and Fellow

As a critic, I'm about opening up and analysing the life there is in Shakespeare and other literature. This involves thinking about the ways verbal and dramatic art constitute sensuous, ethical and even spiritual experience. I'm also interested in the way standard critical forms such as the essay and approved styles of critical prose reveal but ...

Professor John Jowett

Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Deputy Director of The Shakespeare Institute

My teaching and research focuses mainly on Shakespeare and early modern drama, with particular reference to editing and all areas of textual study.

Dr Chris Laoutaris

Birmingham Fellow

I joined the Shakespeare Institute in 2013, having been awarded a Birmingham Fellowship in order to conduct research for Team Shakespeare: The First Folio and the Men who Created the Shakespeare Legacy. Between 2010 and 2012 I was Renaissance Literature Course Convenor at University College London, where I had been lecturing in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature since 2007. While at UCL I was ...

Dr Abigail Rokison-Woodall

Dr Abigail Rokison-Woodall

Lecturer in Shakespeare and Theatre

I joined the Shakespeare Institute in 2013, having been lecturing at Cambridge University for 7 years. I began my career as a professional actor, training at LAMDA and working quite extensively in theatre. Since deciding to move into academia my main research interests have been in the field of Shakespeare in performance, in particular verse speaking, adaptation and theatre history.  I ...

Dr Erin Sullivan

Dr Erin Sullivan

Senior Lecturer

I am a cultural historian and literary scholar interested in the emotional textures of Shakespeare’s writing and the way they help shape our experience of identity and community, both now and in the past. My research splits into two distinct but nonetheless related strands: the cultural history of the emotions, particularly sadness, and the performance and celebration of Shakespeare today.

Dr Martin Wiggins

My research interests cover the full corpus of dramatic works written in the British Isles between the English Reformation and the English Revolution, including both commercial and literary plays, masques and entertainments, and drama in Latin, Greek, Cornish, and Welsh.

Associated members of the Department of English

Associated members of the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts

Associated members of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

  • Robert Bearman, Retired Head of Archives and Local Studies, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Honorary Fellows

  • Stanley Wells, Emeritus Professor and Chairman of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
  • Sir Kenneth Branagh, Honorary Research Fellow, actor, director and screenwriter
  • Professor Kate McLuskie
  • Greg Doran, Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Catherine Alexander, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr A Lindley, Honorary Research Fellow  
  • Paul Edmondson, Head of Education at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
  • Dr Robert Smallwood
  • Robert Wilcher, Honorary Senior Fellow of the Department of English and Honorary Fellow of the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham.
  • Ms Vivien Heilbron
  • Susan Brock, Project Manager, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick