Past events in the School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies


26th March - Early modern corruption and its representations

22nd March - Celluloid City

19th March - Shakespeare's Insides: A Study of the Complete Soliloquies and Asides

19th-21st March - The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

18th March - Centre for Corpus Research special seminar

18th March - Beckett goes nude: Breath, Oh! Calcutta! and the sexual revolution

18th March - Film and Human Rights: Local Stories and Bigger Pictures

16th March - Can Fiction Generate Social Change?

13th March - Presentation, Filmmaker Q&A and screening of En Attendant Godard, written and directed by William Brown

12th March - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

12th March - Shakespeare and Equality

12th March - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy

5th March - The accidental interpreter

26th February - Handling Ophelia in recent stage productions of Hamlet

26th February-5th March - Careers in conference interpreting

25th February - The Prohibited Peter Pan: Monteiro Lobato's politicized translation

19th February - Open day for MA Film and Television: Research and Production

18th February - The Caribbean in translation

12th February - Nicholas Okes & Co.: co-operative publication and Q1 King Lear

12th-14th February - Make The Dead Man Stand

11th February - The Victorian dream

11th February - Unsettling appropriations: Writing at the intersection of indigenous decolonization and the Canadian Avant-Garde

5th February - Shakespeare's voice

5th February - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Award-winning poet and novelist Helen Dunmore

4th February - CLEMT Symposium

4th February - Re-enchanting modernity: The cultural networks of the Theosophical Society in Edwardian Britain

29th January - On the beach with The Fear: Judging a literary translation prize

29th January - Private iteration and public life: William Dering's 1623 adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry IV

22nd January - Life after the MA: Working for SDL and TBW

22nd January - Beckett's Shakespearean Echoes

15th January - Shakespearean freedom and Shakespearean form


9th December - Frenemies and fans: the emergence of different YouTube communities

4th December - Shakespeare and Opera

4th December - CIOL membership and what it can do for me?

4th-6th December - Advice to Iraqi Women and Far Away

3rd December - "Raising the level of public taste": utopian beliefs and vanguard design at the GPO, 1933-1938

3rd December - The agency of the spectator in the individualized society

2nd December - Heteroglossia as practice and pedagogy

29th November - Midlands3Cities DTP studentships 2015 - Application writing workshop

27th November - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

27th November - What Does it Take to be a Great Shakespeare Actor?

27th November - Living language

25th November - To be or only hyperbolically to be: is it a question of metaphor?

23rd November - Portuguese-English Verb Dictionaries: focus on students' needs and on cross-cultural language contrast

20th November - Shakespeare and the Talkies

18th November - Doctor patient discourse

17th November - Being Human in King Lear

13th November - In shape and mind transformed'? Televised teaching and learning Shakespeare

13th November - Translating for a multilingual Europe

13th November - Fischi per fiaschi - traduzioni e tribulazioni

12th November - Not your average superheroes

11th November - The automatic generation of figurative language by computers

7th-8th November - Quadrivium X

4th November - Debunking myths about language and social media

30th October-1st November - Don Juan Comes Back From The War

29th October - Joint seminar: Dr Adam Ledger and Dr Paul Geary

28th October - Towards understanding the ecology of L2 development opportunities in teacher-led classroom discourse: the role of teachers' cognitions

23rd October - Global Shakespeares as Methodology

21st October - Cognitive advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism

18th October - Crossing timelines

18th October - Make the most of your time and stop procrastinating now

18th October - Ben Norris, UK all-stars poetry slam champion

18th October - The Birmingham Revue of Books

17th October - Performance poetry workshop

17th October - Best European Fiction 2015 / How far can we read?

17th October - Local author / local stories

17th October - Self-publishing / marketing your book

17th October - The Sheriff

16th October - Picturing the Ten Commandments in the Post-Reformation English Parish Church

16th October - Timeless fast foreign fiction

16th October - Part time and published

16th October - New voices: new creative writing

15th October - The timeline of novel writing

15th October - Let your writing flow

15th October - How to write a novel very quickly

15th October - Shakespeare on the road

15th October - Adventures with time in fantasy, folktales and fairytales

15th October - Phenomenal women

14th October - Shakespeare Unbard

14th October - Online semantic processing of metonymy and polysemy

14th October - Shakespeare and the idea of national theatre

14th October - Tasmina Perry

9th October - Humorous Comedy and the Melancholy Jakes

8th October - Distant voices, connected stories

7th October - Linguistic markers of Tweets, and giving unions a voice

2nd October - Shakespearean comedy and the boundaries of Europe

17th September - 'Goblin's market: commemoration, anti-semitism and the invention of "global Shakespeare" in 1916

6th August - K'antu Ensemble perform Shakespeare's Music

23rd-24th June - Objects of Modernity: A Conference

20th June - Literature and Conflict: English Graduate Conference 2014

19th June - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Simon Stephens

16th June - Tadeusz Kantor's "Poor Object" as icon of truth

6th June - Playwrights' Workshop

5th-7th June - British Graduate Shakespeare Conference 2014

31st May - Digital publishing: pixels vs. paper. The Kills

29th-30th May - Independent Practical Projects

25th May - 'Who wants to live forever?' Mortals, immortals and the undead

24th May - Romeo and Juliet for the young viewer - interpretation and adaptation

15th May - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Alice Oswald

13th May - Translation Studies Research Forum 2014 and BCT launch

8th May - John Sinclair's idiom principle: an inspiration for learner corpus research

8th-9th May - Theatre Praxis

28th April - CAL interdisciplinary workshop: talking research

16th April - Short stories in translation

10th-13th April - BAAS conference 2014

27th March - Translating the old and the new: how long does a translation last?

27th March - "The end of Shakespeare's verse" from an/other end: 'Trans-creating' Shakespeare in Spanish today.

20th March - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

20th March - Shakespeare and the Countess: The Formidable Elizabeth Russell and the Blackfriars Theatre

20th March - Shakespeare and the Countess: The Formidable Elizabeth Russell and the Blackfriars Theatre

20th March - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Michael Longley [full video stream available]

20th March - 'Life and Death' and the Social Action Film

20th-22nd March - Mary Shelley

19th March - Representing Animals in Scientific Journals: A Corpus Linguistic Approach

19th March - In our digital age, what value do books have?

19th March - Title to be confirmed

19th March - Mad(e) in Hades

18th March - Life and Death in Chekhov (event cancelled)

18th March - Shakespeare's Global Communities: Shakespeare, Cultural Value and the Olympic World Shakespeare Festival

18th March - MA Film and Television Documentary Screenings

13th March - Laokoon, Dante, Shakespeare: a German view around 1800

13th March - An introduction to the Institute of Translation & Interpreting

13th March - Laokoon, Dante, Shakespeare: a German view around 1800

6th March - Walking in a Windsor Wonderland: a few ramshackle reflections on directing Shakespeare's greatest comedy

5th March - 'Begun at Westminster and ended at Wirksworth' : hearing sermons in town and country in the 1640s

26th February - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Kathleen Jamie

19th February - Commemoration & conflict workshop - 'challenges for HE practitioners in history, area studies & philosophical and religious studies

19th February - Taster day for MA Film and Television: Research and Production

19th February - Introduction to postgraduate study in the School of English, Drama and American and Canadian Studies

19th February - College of Arts and Law Postgraduate Study Events

13th February - Peculiar houses: the newness of early modern playhouses

13th-15th February - Trust Not Your Daughters' Minds

6th February - Henry V after the War on Terror: Event Television, the Soldierly Body as Spectacle and the Uncertain Politics of Memorialisation

3rd February - The Winter We Danced: The Idle No More Movement and the Future of Canada

30th January - The Sensory Body in Shakespeare's Theatres

29th January - Rochester at Rhyme

27th January - Freetown! Shakespeare and Social Flourishing

23rd January - Shakespeare's Persia

22nd January - Simon Harper: Freelance PR in Arts

16th January - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

16th January - '"Grief best is pleased with grief's society": Shakespeare and Early Modern Sympathy'

15th January - "How happy's the state where no discords are breeding": Harmony and the Politopop of later seventeenth-century England


13th December - #DearShakespeare

9th December - Birmingham Eighteenth-Century Centre: three new books in English Literature

7th December - Workshop: perfecting your PhD application

5th December - Three strategies for success

5th December - Scholarship and Creativity: Adapting and Unadapting Shakespeare and Fletcher's Cardenio

5th-7th December - Kindertransport

4th December - Pipelines and Protest in British Columbia: Aboriginal title, Wild Salmon, Jobs and Climate Change

3rd December - Drivers of change: investigating routine and emergence in newswriting

28th November - Archives and Anecdotes

28th November - What's the future for publishing literary translations?

27th November - David Chariandy

26th November - The first Queen in Scots? Margaret Tudor and English at the turn of the century

25th November - "Suffering is permanent": Wordsworth, Despondency and the poetry of irredeemable loss

21st November - Where to find lost plays

21st November - Creative Minds at Birmingham - Bernard MacLaverty

21st November - 'Creative Minds at Birmingham' - Bernard MacLaverty [video stream available]

18th November - What happens when it rains: Virginia Woolf and the weather

14th November - Succeeding as a freelance translator

14th November - Charles Mathews and his Gallery of British Theatrical Celebrity

12th November - Popular science across cultures: cultural identities in image and text

11th November - Scholarly editing in a digital age

9th November - Science and technology in 1890

31st October - Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Claustrophobic Reader

31st October-2nd November - Be My Baby

29th October - Robin Hobb

29th October - After Such Kindness: Gaynor Arnold

29th October - Why we need a sociolinguistics of writing and why sociolinguistics needs to re-think 'writing'

29th October - The Sceptre Press

29th October - Book Quiz

28th October - Teaching Shakespeare and the Big Stuff [video stream available]

28th October - Research in literature

28th October - The Blank Screen: Productivity for Creative Writers

28th October - Citizen Reader [video stream available]

28th October - Phenomenal Women

27th October - So, You Want to Write a Novel?

27th October - UniSlam!

27th October - Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens, 'The Lighthouse': A dramatic situation never before exploited

27th October - "Why do you dress me/ In borrowed Robes?" Shakespearean costume workshop

27th October - The birth of Tania Carver and other pseudonyms

27th October - The story of letter writing

26th October - Being a Cosmo columnist and other stories [video stream available]

25th October - Books without Borders: A celebration of literature in translation

25th October - The Evolution of the Campus Novel

25th October - The Kills [video stream available]

24th October - Books: read it and die!

24th October - A Broken Coriolanus

24th October - Written Off

24th October - The Library: a World History

24th October - 'Creative Minds at Birmingham' - Jamie McKendrick [video stream available]

24th-29th October - Book to the Future

22nd October - Counter narratives and controversial crimes: a cross-cultural comparison of revisions to the Wikipedia article, "The Murder of Meredith Kercher"

21st October - Printing Swift's hoaxes and parodies

17th October - The End of Shakespeare's Verse?

14th October - "All the Formative Forces": Guy Butler and the emergence of a South African poetics

10th October - The Stage History of Cymbeline

7th October - Poetic gems: metaphors of genius in Victorian poetry

3rd October - Asia, Text, Performance 1692-2013

27th June - in:flux 1845-1945: A Century in Motion

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

12th June - 'Caught in the Act: or, Practising Theatre History'

6th-8th June - Fifteenth Annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference

1st June - Citizen Reader

1st June - Playwrights' Workshop

31st May - Playwrights' Workshop

28th May - Teaching Shakespeare and the Big Stuff

28th May - Translation Studies Research Forum

23rd-24th May - Independent Practical Projects

21st May - Subtitling The Wire: the impact of hearing-impaired subtitles on characterisation

10th May - Reanimating Playbooks

9th May - Between Theatre Histories and Performance Events

9th May - Primed for Violence? A corpus analysis of jihadist discourse

2nd May - Theatre Praxis

1st May - MA presentations

25th April - Staging Political Scandals: Two Brazilian Adaptations of William Shakespeare's Richard III

24th April - Redcrosse, the secular and the sacred: an evening of performance and presentations on St George and the modern meaning of Englishness

19th April - An Artistic Director Prepares

21st March - Time and The Tempest

20th March - Introducing our postgraduate courses in Shakespeare and Creativity

20th March - 'The Matter of Mood in Lewis Klahr's "Engram Sepals (Melodramas 1994-2000)"'

20th March - 10 x 10: The Journey Home, at the Old Joint Stock Pub Theatre

19th March - 10 x 10 The Journey Home

14th March - Open afternoon for prospective students

14th March - Hamlet in the Cold War: Zbigniew Herbert's 'Elegy of Fortinbras' and its Contexts

14th-16th March - The House of Bernarda Alba

12th March - Special Lecture (supported by Sir Barry Jackson Trust)

12th March - Noticing and not noticing what's in a text: attention, depth of processing and text interpretation

7th March - 'What's so funny 'bout campus Shakespeare?'

6th March - 'Coloured Sound: Timbre, Race and Recording in American Music'

5th March - Second Stanley Wells Lecture

5th March - Assessing the usability of raw machine translation output via eye tracking

28th February - Staging Shakespeare's Books: Intermedial Dramaturgy in 21st Century European Performance

27th February - 'Surf Tourism and the Imperial Encounter.'

26th February - The influence of age and aptitude on the development of a native-like second language lexicon

21st February - Sam Wanamaker

20th February - '"The Mississippi was a virgin field": Mark Twain and the rediscovery of the river, 1865-1875'

19th February - "Boring, pompous and arrogant" or "funny, interesting, and HOT!" What university students really think of their professors!

9th February - Unlocking the Private Library

7th February - ''Olympic Performance in the Year of Shakespeare' and 'Actors and Academics: Ways of Seeing the Artefact'

7th-9th February - Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat

6th February - 'Connecting Viewers with Content: the promotional screen industries in the digital era'

5th February - Changing the bases for academic word lists: the Vocabulary for Academic Lecture Listening word list

31st January - Shakespearean Verse Speaking

29th January - The impact of textual enhancement on EFL learners' grammatical development of expression of future plans and intentions

29th January - Birmingham Visiting Writers' Programme Lecture 2013

24th January - Open afternoon for prospective students

24th January - Gregory Doran (Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company)

23rd January - Shakespeare's Persia

23rd January - 'Icons and Outtakes in Respite (2007) and A Film Unfinished (2010)'

22nd January - Probing probabilistic grammars in diachrony

17th January - Lettered Men and Spineless Women: The Gendering of Early Modern Stoicism

16th January - Online chat: College of Arts and Law Scholarships 2013

15th January - Verb patterns in English for Academic Purposes: Towards a Corpus Pattern Analysis

15th January - Seventh symposium: Making of Modernity

14th January - 'After Katrina: Race, Transnationalism, and the End of the American Century'

10th January - The Chronology of Christopher Marlowe


6th December - Sixth symposium: Making of Modernity

5th December - Black Histories, White Audiences: The Federal Theatre Project's Living Newspaper

5th December - College of Arts and Law Scholarships 2013

29th November - Shakespeare's Magic Books and the East African Explorers

29th November-1st December - Little Eyolf

28th November - The Function and Viability of Regional Cinemas: Naples, a Case Study

27th November - English Language Research Seminar

26th November - Impertinent, clowdy, and darksome speech, or how to do things with words in seventeenth-century natural philosophy

22nd November - Food and Identity in Shakespeare: The Inflections of Nationality, Gender, Rank and Age

20th November - Taking corpus-assisted discourse analysis beyond our discipline

17th November - Redcrosse

15th November - Ruling the Court in Shakespeare's Late Tragedies

13th November - The social relations of 'participatory governance': a corpus-based critical discourse analysis of UK education policy

12th November - 1939 Revisited

8th November - 'When all the breathers of this world are dead': Posthumous Perspectives in Shakespeare

7th November - The Future of Fatherhood in 1990s' Hollywood

6th November - Signs of the Times: A Discourse Perspective on Public Signage, Urban Space and the Law

30th October - Coffee Morning

25th October - Disintegration, 1924

25th-27th October - 'Pornography' by Simon Stephens

24th October - A Call for U.S. Leadership: Congressional Activism on Human Rights

23rd October - Spoken discourse in the international construction industry

18th October - Demonic Macbeth and the Way We Live Now

17th October - The 2012 US Presidential Election: Who is going to win and why. What will it mean for the next 4 Years?

16th October - English Language Research Seminar

15th October - The Fearfulness of Forgiveness in Christina Rossetti's Later Life: A Double Sonnet of Sonnets and John Donne's Holy Sonnets?

11th October - The Adventures of Sir Thomas Browne

9th October - Community and audience on Facebook

8th October - Ezra Pound Goes to Venice: Modernism, Fascism, Tourism

4th October - 'In their Tables': Hamlet Q1 and its Audience

2nd October - Corpus perspectives on turn-taking in university seminars

1st October - Where Do I Go From Here: Women's Poetry and its Aftermath

27th September - A boy from Stratford, 1769-1916

11th-15th June - Postgraduate production

10th June - Cider

7th June - Shakespeare 2: Tragedy

6th June - The Vernon Manuscript - An e-Reader on Parchment

1st June - Playwrights' workshop

31st May - Profiling Shakespeare's Publishers, 1593-1622

24th-25th May - Independent Practical Projects

24th-26th May - 5x5 at the MAC

15th May - Discovering the Vernon Manuscript: Secrets of a Literary Hoard Revealed

14th May - William Barnes "Dialect Poems"

9th May - Sinclair Lecture 2012: Professor Ruth Wodak

9th May - An evening with Owen Jones

27th April - How a novel evolves, and other stories

19th-20th April - Politics, performance and popular culture in nineteenth century Britain

22nd March - The Renaissance sublime

22nd March - Dennis Nurkse

21st March - Fourth symposium: The Making of Modernity

21st March - Fourth symposium: Making of Modernity

20th March - Formulaic language in Alzheimer's Disease: patterns and implications for quality of life

19th March - African-American painting and/or music

15th March - Open afternoon for prospective students

15th March - The History of 'Etc'

15th-17th March - Playhouse Creatures

14th-17th March - Essential Statistics for Corpus Linguistics with R

13th March - Formulaic language and English for Academic Purposes

12th March - Muslim Youth in Canada: The Rise of Religious Identities

12th March - The Literary Hand

8th March - Monstrous To Our Human Reason: Minding the gap in 'The Winter's Tale'

6th March - Corpus Pattern Analysis: Phraseological Norms and Linguistic Creativity

5th March - 'Shakespeare in pieces: quotation and the creation of literary value

5th March - American poetics and the ethics of close reading

1st March - Tropics Bound: Salt, Sweat, and Gold

28th February - Local Grammar - A Swiss Army Knife?

27th February - Grand Strategy for an Era of Decline? The American Foreign Policy Debate in 2012

27th February - Military Men of Feeling: Masculinity, Emotion and Tactility in the Crimea

23rd February - Imagination and the Style of Limning in The Sonnets

21st February - Semantic Sequences in Humanities Writing

20th February - Buried in the Archives: Recovering British Literary Annuals from an 'Unbawdy & Unmasculine Age'

20th February - The Double and David Cronenberg

20th February - Word-Power: Talking Against Death in the Arabian Nights

11th February - Rosencratz and Guildenstern

9th February - Open afternoon for prospective students

9th February - Emergence in Ardenspace: System and Exile in Shakespeare Pedagogy

9th-11th February - Dostoyevsky's Heroines

6th February - Quilt Making for Beginners

6th February - A Bit of a Love-Hate Relationship: The Role of English in Quebec Today

2nd February - Big Dig: the Poetics of Seventeenth-Century Drainage

1st February - Birmingham Visiting Writers' Programme

31st January - Collocation - past, present and yet to come

30th January - Narratives of Intervention: Framing Covert Action and the CIA

26th January - Beginning to spell: Sidney's Astrophil and Stella and the Crux of Protestant Poetics

24th January - A Corpus of Idiolects? Developing historical sociolinguistic and stylistic corpora

23rd January - Fashioning Michael Field: Michael Field and Late Victorian Dress Culture

19th January - The Stratford-Munich Accord 'Shakespeare and Germany: a round table'

17th January - English in Montreal: love it, hate it, can't live without it?

12th January - Conversion in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'