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There are currently more than 300 students (full-time and part-time) registered for research degrees within the School. As far as our research training environment is concerned we have won top-ranking ESRC 1+3 recognition with two quota studentships being funded by the ESRC each academic year since the scheme began.

Below, are a selection of doctoral researcher profiles within the School of Education.

Elaine Ashbee

Education and inclusion for children with autism in Palestine

Elaine Rocha-Schmid

Adolescents' literacy practices outside school: an ethnographic study across social classes in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ildegrada da Costa Cabral

From language policy to classroom practice: a case study in two primary schools in East-Timor.

Ioannis Soilemetzidis

Measuring and appraising (KPI QA) institutional policies and strategies related with student retention (attrition) - an institution wide approach

Izzy Mohammed

Public archives, Representation and Integration in Post-War, Multicultural Urban Contexts: Birmingham and Manchester

Jim Pugh

University and Higher Education cultural change since the implementation of higher fees in England

Judith Bruce-Golding

Deputy and Assistant Headship: Why Headship is no longer an option

Julie Foster

This research examines the impact of education on the outcome of working-class individuals in Birmingham in the 19th century within Blue Coat charity school.

Laurence Arnold FRSA

Video as an educational tool in autism

Leonard Kiarago

Investigating Educational Provision for children with SEBD in Kenya: a comparative case study of Mainstream school and Rehabilitation school
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Download the 2014 Doctoral Researcher Yearbook (PDF, 4MB) which provides information on the doctoral research taking place across the College of Social Sciences.