Steven Davies

Doctoral Researcher

Current Status

Second year, part time.

Research Topic

Why is Shi’a Islam represented according to Sunni polemic in Religious Education?

Research Summary

Building upon the research covered in my first year draft chapters can already evidence the uncritical use within RE discourse ( for example, by RE theorists, exam board syllabuses and other RE related material) of anti-Shi’a polemic produced by Sunnis as if such polemic actually represented what Shi’a Islam believes. Such polemic historically and in the contemporary world is used as justification for the persecution and indeed genocide directed against Shi’a Muslims in some parts of the world.

Understanding the power dynamics behind RE complicity with anti-Shi’a bigotry nessarily involves a critical analysis of, but not limited to: the concept of 'religion' used within RE, the impact of 'multi-culturalism' on RE, RE pedagogies as ideologies of recuperation, the relationship between RE and anti-Shi'a discourse, RE and global political agendas and the formation and consequences of RE epistemologies

Research Interests

  • The history, politics and psychology of anti-Shi’a hatred 
  • The relationships between RE and UK political agendas
  • How RE acts as a conduit for takfiri representations of Islam

Research Supervisors

Dr Tonie Stolberg and Professor Michael Hand


Self funded

Contact details

Your views or experiences relevant to my research are welcome and I can be contacted via my email address: