Danyal Farsani

Doctoral Researcher


Danyal FarsaniCurrent Status

PhD student (4th year, full time)

Research Topic

Making multimodal mathematical meaning in multilingual classrooms

Research Summary

The nature of my interdisciplinary research project involves looking at the experiences that Farsi/English bilingual learners have in learning mathematics in different kinds of settings: in their complementary school (weekend school) where they can draw on more than one language when they are engaged in talking about mathematics with their teacher or with other students followed by their experiences in learning mathematics in their mainstream school where they are experiencing learning mathematics solely through the medium of English.

Research Interests 

  • Mathematics in different languages
  • Language and mathematics
  • Mathematics in multilingual classrooms
  • Methodological approaches to multimodality in mathematics classrooms

Research Supervisors

Dr Dave Hewitt and Professor Angela Creese


STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

BSRLM (British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics) 

Contact Details

Email: Dxf950@bham.ac.uk



Danyal talks about his research - Making multimodal mathematical meaning in multilingual classrooms