Elaine Rocha-Schmid

Postgraduate Researcher

Current Status

Ed.D (Part-time) - currently writing up

Research Topic

Adolescents’ literacy practices outside school: an ethnographic study across social classes in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Research Summary

My research discusses the literacy practices of adolescents from different social classes in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The two main focuses of the study is to, first, collect information on how adolescents from different social classes differ or agree on their choices of literacy events outside school, and, second, to analyse whether these practices inform their teachers’ planning of classroom work.

Research Interests

  • Literacy Studies
  • Linguistic ethnography
  • First and second language teaching and acquisition
  • Educational reform


Professor Adrian Blackledge

Membership in Research and Professional Organisations

  • British Association of Applied Linguists - www.baal.org.uk
  • Language Studies Student Group
  • Student Representative in the School of Education 2007-08
  • Student Representative for Univesitas 21, University of Birmingham 2007-2009

Additional Information

Recipient of Universitas 21 PhD Scholarship (2008)

Organiser of the School of Education Postgraduate Conference 2008 in Birmingham


[Un]bridging the gap between home and school literacies.An ethnographic case study of adolescents’ home and school literacy practices across social classes in Sao Paulo, Brazil. University of Melbourne, Australia - August 2008

Adolescents’ home and school literacy practices: a focus on research methods. Postgraduate Students’ Conference 2008, School of Education, University of Birmingham

Poster Presenter at the Graduate School Poster and Networking Conference 2008, University of Birmingham

Poster Presenter at the MOSAIC launch 2008, University of Birmingham


Rocha-Schmid, E. (2010) Participatory pedagogy for empowerment: a critical discourse analysis of teacher-parents' interactions in a family literacy course in London, International Journal of Lifelong Education 29: 3, pp 343 - 358.