Leonard Kiarago

Doctoral Researcher


Leonard KiaragoCurrent Status

Second year

Research Topic

Investigating Educational Provision for Children with SEBD in Kenya: a comparative case study of mainstream school and rehabilitation school

Research Summary

This study examines the provision for children with SEBD in Kenya and the extent to which mainstream primary school teachers have embraced inclusive education. The study reviews sessional papers on development of education in Kenya including educational commissions since 1963 when Kenya gained independence and their impact on the provision for children with SEN. Finally, the study will compare and contrast the support strategies for children with SEBD in mainstream primary schools and in rehabilitation schools. The aim of the study is to identify factors that can contribute to enhanced educational outcomes for children with SEBD within the mainstream schools in Kenya.

Research Interests

  • Inclusive Education 
  • Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) 
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)

Research Supervisor

Neil Hall



Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

  • Social Research Association (SRA) 


Two papers are due for publishing soon. 

Contact details

Email: lgk445@bham.ac.uk