Niamh Rowe

Doctoral Researcher

Current Status

Part time PhD, 4th yr writing up stage

Research Topic

Exploring how the role of the key worker can support families out in the community who have experience of a loved one with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Research Summary

My research surrounds the need for support to be given to families in a flexible and timely manner, depending on the individual family’s needs and circumstances. This becomes more evident post hospitalization stage. Families have expressed distress and emotional strain after recalling their experiences once leaving the hospital setting, often feeling isolated and abandoned. In Ireland the transitional process of support is not fully implemented. Therefore the system fails to support the family in dealing with the transition from the hospital out into the community. Many families I have spoken with have voiced how, it was only their General Practitioner (GP) who offered support at this early stage of discharge. However, some GP’s have gone onto voice how they can only provide some support as they are unaware of the various services and rehabilitative methods surrounding TBI rehabilitation. Furthermore, families have voiced the need for on-going support through a single point of contact after discharge from the hospital out into the community. This person, the key worker, would support guide and co-ordinate items in collaboration with the family and the team of professionals (multi-disciplinary). When considering the aim of my research, whilst taking into account the context of my research, I intend to explore how the role of a designated key worker can be developed out within the community to assist, support and empower the family of a loved one with a TBI throughout the rehabilitative care plan process.

Research Interests 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • The role of the key worker
  • Community / Professional Collaboration-Partnership

Research Supervisor

Dr. Graeme Douglas


Self payment.

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

Society of Cognitive Rehabiliation.

Additional Information

Wrote a short piece called Traumatic Brain Injury in Ireland – An Inclusive Rehabilitative Approach within the Community for the PMLD International Newsletter in February 2010

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