Roshan Doug

Doctoral Researcher

Current Status

Final year Ed.D researcher, Learning and Learning Contexts

Roshan DougResearch Topic

An exploratory study of policy documents by using CDA: how English emerged and evolved into a formal, core subject in the schools’ curriculum from 1870 – 2011

Research Summary

The research will draw out social and political issues that have been linked with the origins and development of English as a formal subject in schools. It can be noted that in the 20th century, English became a powerful discipline, to the extent that successive governments have regulated it by exercising control over its contents, assessment and pedagogy. This series of legislative interference and influence that dates back to the mid-19th century is locked in a dominant discourse about the politics of education and its role in our society. Who controls English and indeed, education and how, are central concerns in the interplay of, what Foucault calls, the veridical and juridical components. Contextualizing why there was a shift towards state control of the subject and, subsequently, the field of education, will provide an important insight to government agencies and educational policy makers.

Research Interests

  • The use of Critical Discourse Analysis in the study of policy documents
  • Michael Gove’s Education Act, 2011: progressive or regressive? 
  • The National Curriculum: English and the politics of teaching literature from ‘other cultures and traditions’

Research Supervisors

Dr. Nick Peim


The Royal Literary Fund

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; Member of the Institute of Educational Assessors, AQA Examiner in English


Journal of Curriculum Studies, The English Review, The Times Higher Educational Supplement, The Guardian (Education), e-magazine, The English-knowing Men (2nd volume of poems, 1999), Illusions and Delusions and Dirty Words (2004)

Conferences and Seminars

Presented a lecture as part of the School of Education’s Philosophy in Education series, examining ontological issues and political concepts relating to education.

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Any other information

I am a broadcast journalist; lecturer and examiner in English; poet and critic

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