Sotiroula Stavrou

Doctoral Researcher

Current Status

Part Time, 5th year

Research Topic

Literacy Learning in an Educational Context in Cyprus

Research Summary

My research investigates how Greek-Cypriot children construct knowledge as they participated in school- based activities in a sociolinguistic context that is characterised by the existence of two forms of language - Standard Modern Greek (official language) and the Greek-Cyprus dialect. It also examines the bilingual literacy landscape in Cyprus (i.e. the wider context) and the particular way in which the literacy development of students (with and without dyslexia-type literacy difficulties) is constructed in this context. The study is based in my own classroom in Cyprus and uses ethnography as its methodology.

Research Interests 

  • Biliteracy 
  • Bidialectism 
  • Specific learning difficulties and Dyslexia
  • Bilingualism 
  • Multilingualism.

Research Supervisor

Dr Deirdre Martin


Self funding

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