Soyoung Yun

Doctoral Researcher

Soyoung YunCurrent Status

Second year / full time

Research Topic

Young native English speaking teachers’ identity transition in Korean Schools

Research Summary

My research project will focus on the native English speaking student-teachers in Korean governmental training programme and in the actual language teaching practice. I strongly believe that all novice teachers undergo development as a teacher. With some interventions such as participation in governmental training programme and exposure to real teaching circumstance, the process of development as a teacher and identity transition process could be accelerated and vice versa. I will focus on the participants’ point of view and their experiences in Korean context. The purpose of this project is to highlight the novice student-teachers’ identity development as English teachers in Korea and as one of the members of Korean society.

Research Interests 

  • post colonialism 
  • Linguistic imperialism 
  • Multilingualism / multiculturalism 
  • Language education policy in Korea

Research Supervisors

Professor Angela Creese and Professor Adrian Blackledge

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