Previous Events


7th September - Community Day: Exploring Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories on Stage

2nd September - Teaching foreign languages at the university level in the age of globalization: Reflections – refractions – reconsiderations

18th July - Translation and Translanguaging research project launch

17th-19th July - 10th International CitizED Conference

10th July - Sharing stories from Australia and the US

3rd July - Race Inequality and Education Policy: how the Coalition has waged war on equity

24th June - School of Education Research and Scholarship Conference

23rd June - Parity, progression and social mobility: critical issues for higher vocational education pathways

19th June - Open Day for prospective Educational Psychology students

12th June - Birmingham R.S. Peters Memorial Lecture

11th June - Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker - Inaugural Professorial Lecture

29th May - Remembering Stuart Hall

28th May - Professor Julie Allan - Inaugural Professiorial Lecture

27th May - Virtue ethics and the relationships between moral theory and moral education

22nd May - The shape of training

20th May - Learn how to teach modern languages

20th May - Why a good teacher must be a wise teacher

17th May - 'Welcoming the Gift, Acknowledging the Giver: Theologies of Gratitude'

12th May - Race, Education & Intersectionality: getting the balance right

9th May - Educating Londoners: Sharing Experiences in the Archives

2nd May - SCERTS - 1 Day Training

2nd April - AimHigher Conference

27th March - The Priestley Lecture with speaker Baroness Estelle Morris

26th March - Annual Autism Conference

25th March - A mixed-up self in a mixed-up world: cosmopolitanism, identity and education

24th March - Race, Education & Intersectionality: getting the balance right

24th March - Black British Intellectuals & Education: multiculturalism's hidden history

21st March - Vocational Education and Training: policy, pedagogy and research

18th March - Learn how to teach science

12th March - Professor Alfredo Artiles - Inaugural Professorial Lecture

8th March - British Schools and the Black Child: new conversations

26th February - A Vision of Community Education

25th February - The new synthesis in moral psychology and its educational implications

29th January - A future school for diversity - grappling with ideals and reality!

29th January - Professor Deborah Youdell - Inaugural Professorial Lecture

28th January - Flourishing and responsible teaching

22nd January - Crafting the Emerging English Welfare State – Birmingham Local Education Authorities Interventions 1948-1963

22nd January - Problematising the role of the white researcher in social justice research

15th January - Professor Michael Hand - Inaugural Professorial Lecture

9th-11th January - Can virtue be measured?


4th December - Colonial, postcolonial and global formations of elite schools

4th December - Disability Now and Then

26th November - An aims-based curriculum

20th November - Invisibility: the art of being black

16th November - Education Doctoral Research Conference

14th November - Race and Education: the forgotten inequality?

13th November - Teaching as a Career - Wednesday 13th November 2013

9th November - An Attitude for Gratitude, The Jubilee Centre for Character and Values

7th November - Open afternoon for prospective applicants to Educational Psychology Training Programmes

5th November - Developing a strength-based approach to educational psychology practice

5th November - Strengths and silences in Nigeria's Gender Policy on Education

29th October - After Higgins and Dunne: imagining school teaching as a multi-practice activity

28th October - Biography, History and the shaping of Birmingham

17th October - Addressing Tough Challenges in State-building One Step at a Time

16th October - Gendered and Raced Employment Disparities in Senior-Level Position Attainment in the Academic Workforce

14th October - Welfare State Perceptions of Normality and the Justification of Interventions

2nd July - Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women

17th June - What Michael Gove's compulsory curriculum would teach you about William Wilberforce

11th-12th June - Conceptualizing multilingualism under globalization: membership claims, social categories and emblems of authenticity

5th June - Thinking differently with Foucault: His relevance to education now

29th May - Kristján Kristjánsson Inaugural lecture

23rd May - Navigating the New Education Landscape

21st May - Education: being postcolonial

20th May - First Annual Lecture of the Centre for Research in Race and Education

13th May - Did Education make a Difference? The impact of education on the outcome of working-class individuals in Birmingham in the 19th century.

3rd May - Ethics and disability research in Southern contexts: unexplored terrain, unresolved tensions

1st May - Postgraduate Teacher Training Open Day

1st May - Language teacher development: Principles and practices, ideals and images

23rd April - On the idea of non-confessional faith-based education

19th April - ipads in Education

25th-26th March - Responding to contemporary multilingual realities, recasting research methodologies

20th March - A review of thinking and research about inclusive education policy, with suggestions for a new kind of inclusive thinking

19th March - The role of the further education sector in higher education provision in England

19th March - The ethics of influence

18th-24th March - Arts and Science Festival

12th March - '(Re)discovering' the multilingual speaker: Implications for SLA and TESOL

11th March - The shaping of identities through childhood and adolescent schooling and non-compulsory education: a Northamptonshire Caribbean example

8th March - The contribution of critical discourse analysis (CDA) to policy analysis

7th March - Transforming autism education: a national integrated programme

5th March - Doctoral Research Seminar

21st February - Launch of the Centre for Research in Race and Education

20th February - Strangers in paradise or losers in a rigged race? : non-traditional students in higher education

19th February - Education and the growth of knowledge: a view from social epistemology

6th February - Procreative Liberty

5th February - Doctoral Research Seminar

30th January - The education of pupils with SEN in primary schools: findings and implications from a systematic observation study (The Making a Statement (MaSt) Project)

29th January - Guest Lecture - David Smith Economics Editor of the Sunday Times

28th January - Community histories and the making of supplementary schooling: Exploring the of the role of historical discourses in The social positioning of supplementary schools

23rd January - The Priestley Lecture 2013

22nd January - 'Ordinary unhappiness' and education

8th January - Doctoral Research Seminar


15th December - Character and Public Policy: Educating for an Ethical Life

4th December - Doctoral Research Seminar

1st December - School of Education Research Conference

23rd November - Methodological issues in researching disability in the South

21st November - Using new technologies as part of the research process. Lessons from 'Living with Usher Syndrome' project

12th November - Broadcasting the comprehensive school ideal: Margaret Miles and the media 1954-1965

12th November - Distinguished Speaker Series Guest Lecture: Professor Michael Shapiro

9th November - Qualitative software planning seminar

8th November - Using Innovative Technologies in the Classroom

31st October - Intercultural Dialogue and Mutual Respect between Europe and Islam - The Challenge for Education

24th October - Distinguished Speaker Series Guest Lecture: Professor Steven Vertovec

21st October - Battle of Ideas

17th October - School teaching as a career

1st October - Recovering Forgotten Voices: towards a people's history of education?

24th-26th September - Randomised Controlled Trials in the Social Sciences, Seventh Annual Conference 2012

10th September - Researching language in education in diverse, twenty-first century classrooms

13th July - The Research Design Basis for Undergraduate Quantitative Methods Teaching

2nd-13th July - First Birmingham/Melbourne Summer/Winter School in Applied Linguistics

28th June - Support and Aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability - Progress and next steps

19th June - The Olympics Poetry Competition

12th June - Applications of Nexus Analysis to Investigating Educational Policy and Practice

7th June - Imagining university education: The perspectives of young people impacted by low socio-economic status and disengagement from school

21st May - The last night of a small town: child narratives and the Titanic

18th May - Little publics: the articulation of youth voice

9th May - Class inequalities in education at age 7

2nd May - Master class with Professor Monica Heller, University of Toronto, Canada

26th April - The Birmingham Conference 2012

29th-31st March - AIESEP - University of Birmingham Specialist Seminar 2012

24th March-10th June - Children's Lives: An exhibition of children's lives from the 18th century to the present day

21st March - RIPS: Dynamic Assessment for language disabilities.

21st March - Family Values and School Policy: Shaping Values and Conferring Advantage

19th March - Further reflections on the right kind of history

10th March - Multilingualism in faith settings: research perspectives

6th March - Can governments improve higher education through 'informing choice'?

29th February - Deciding who is worthy of what kind of an education

8th February - RIPS 2011 - 2012

8th February - Critical Realism, Interdisciplinarity and Wellbeing: A guest lecture by Professor Roy Bhaskar

1st February - Finding the way to inclusive schooling in Dubai government schools: issues and challenges

1st February - DYSPRAXIA (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)

30th January - The Shelter photographs: a new construction of the homeless child