Studying at Birmingham

Term Dates


Autumn Term 29 September 2014–12 December 2014
Spring Term 12 January 2015–27 March 2015
Summer Term 27 April 2015–19 June 2015


Autumn Term 28 September 2015–11 December 2015
Spring Term 11 January 2016–25 March 2016
Summer Term 25 April 2016–17 June 2016

Please note that the term dates above relates to general teaching periods at the University. Dates may differ for some programmes of study.


It can be a daunting experience coming to the university as an international student but the university will provide you with a strong network of support, from your first enquiry through to graduation. The International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) is a dedicated team of advisers who offer specialist knowledge and expertise from across the globe. The English for International Students Unit (EISU) runs presessional, foundation and Insessional English programmes and offers day trips to places such as Windsor and York for international students, family and friends.


As well as the IT and elearning facilities within the School of Education, there is also a dedicated education library. You will also be able to access the additional libraries which are situated on the campus.