Doctoral Researcher


Current Status

Full time first year

Research Topic

An investigation into the balance of the school curriculum content for pupils with visual impairment in Turkey

Research Summary

Through personal experiences as a person with visual impairment of school education in Turkey, as well as my post-school studies and professional work in Turkey, the USA and England, I have become interested in how the education system prepares students with visual impairment for life after school. This relates to the formal qualifications students may achieve, but also concerns broader outcomes related to employment, independence, inclusion in their community and general life fulfilment. Such a focus upon educational outcomes arguably cuts to the very essence of what an education system is for, and how schools should serve students generally and, more specifically to my own research interests, how schools should serve visually impaired students. I am trying to answer this question by obtaining data from Pupil with visual impairment, their parents and educators.

Research Interests

  • Individuals with Visual impairment and their families 
  • Orientation & Mobility 
  • Assistive technology 
  • Teacher Preparation 
  • Inclusion of students with Visual impairment 
  • Adaptive Sports

Research Supervisors

Dr Graeme Douglas and Professor Mike McLinden

Publications and Conferences

Islek, O., Douglas, G., Mclinden, M.(2013). An exploratory study into the reflections of the educational experiences and outcomes of twelve young adults with visual impairment in Turkey. 8th ICEVI European Conference on Education and Re/habilitation of people with visual impairment. 30th June- 5th July 2013. Istanbul/Turkey.

XV International Deaf-Blind World Conference September 27th – October 2nd 2011. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

EdRev 2011 Conference/ Celebrating Learning Disabilities by Recording for the Blind and Dyslexia, April 2011. San Francisco, California

16th Annual Conference of California transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired March 2011/ Oakland, California

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations 

  • Turkey’s Disabilities, Sport, and Educational Club (TESYEV). 
  • Six Dot National Society for the Blind (Altinokta).

Any other information

Proficietly tri-lingual in English, Arabic, and Turkish

Contact details

Email: oxi299@bham.ac.uk