Soyoung Yun

Former doctoral researcher


Soyoung Yun

Research Topic

Young native English speaking teachers’ identity transition in Korean Schools

Research Summary

My research project focused on the native English speaking student-teachers in Korean governmental training programme and in the actual language teaching practice. I strongly believe that all novice teachers undergo development as a teacher. With some interventions such as participation in governmental training programme and exposure to real teaching circumstance, the process of development as a teacher and identity transition process could be accelerated and vice versa. I focused on the participants’ point of view and their experiences in Korean context. The purpose of this project was to highlight the novice student-teachers’ identity development as English teachers in Korea and as one of the members of Korean society.

Research Interests 

  • post colonialism 
  • Linguistic imperialism 
  • Multilingualism / multiculturalism 
  • Language education policy in Korea

Research Supervisors

Professor Angela Creese and Professor Adrian Blackledge

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