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The Colour of Class

The School of Education is one of the largest research-led schools of education in the UK with a distinguished reputation for excellence. There are four research centres in the school and a number of research groups which are based within the departments. The school also provide opportunities for Postgraduate Research and runs a Visiting Scholars programme.  

For further Information on our school research please contact our dedicated College Research Support Office (CRSO)

Centre for Higher Education Equity and Access (CHEEA)    Centre for Research in Race and Education (CRRE)    The Jubilee Centre for Character and VirtuesThe Centre for Research on Multilingualism (MOSAIC)


Departmental Research

Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) 

The Caroline Benn Society

Interdisciplinary Research in Histories of Education and Childhood (DOMUS)

Visual Centre for Teaching and Research (VICTAR)

Current research projects 

Caroline DeCamp Benn: a comprehensive life, 1926-2000
This study (2013 - 2015) investigates the life & work of leading educational reformist Caroline Benn, wife of one of the most prominent postwar socialists in Britain, Tony Benn.
Character Scotland: Evaluation of the effects of a series of Character Scotland pedagogic interventions and resource materials
The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues have commissioned academics at the University of Glasgow to undertake a project evaluating and reviewing materials collated by Character Scotland and their poster competition 'Inspire-Aspire'. The evaluation will run from 2013-2014
Cultural Intermediation: connecting communities in the creative urban economy
This AHRC funded project will run from 2012 - 2016. It will aim to discover how the value of cultural intermediation can be captured and how this activity can be enhanced to create more effective connection between communities and the creative economy.
Early childhood development and education for young children with visual impairment in Malawi
This research, funded by Sightsavers (2012-2014), will be looking at parents'/carers' attitudes, beliefs and behaviour towards their children with visual loss in Malawi
Evaluation of the future in-sight project
This research, funded by the RNIB (2013-2018) is an evaluation of the Future In-Sight project which aims to support partially sighted and blind young people as they move from compulsory education into independent adulthood.
Experiences of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) on people with sensory loss
This project (2014-2015) funded by RNIB, the Thomas Pocklington Trust, and Sense explores the experiences of the DLA to PIP policy change for people who have a visual impairment or a dual sensory impairment (deafblind).
Exploring conceptions of financial literacy in the European VET context
FLin€VET is a partnership project which aims to advance the development of a sustained and shared framework of Financial Literacy and its core components in the context of European Vocational Education and Training (VET). It will run from 2012-2014.
Failing schools in South Africa: A case of defeatism in school leadership
In collaboration with the Vaal University of Technology in South Africa and funded by the local National Research Foundation (from 2010-2014), Professor Tom Bisschoff is leading a project on academy type schools for the ever increasing problem of failing schools in two of the nine provinces in South Africa.
Flexible Pedagogies: part-time learners and learning in higher education
This research on part-time learners and learning in higher education was part of the research project Flexible Pedagogies: preparing for the future. The overarching research question guiding the project was: 'Why and to what extent might flexible pedagogies be promoted, and in what ways?'
Gratitude Britain
The Gratitude Britain research project encompasses the flagship research work of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues as well as a number of other research and development work. We aim to make the new Centre into a major international hub of interdisciplinary research into character, virtue and virtue education – research with both theoretical and practical applications.
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