Steps to Independence

The aim of the Steps to Independence website is to help people to understand and consider the different factors that are involved in the delivery of mobility and independence education to children with visual impairment. It is divided up into six rooms which present the various issues. They also offer suggested learning aims and outcomes, examples of best practice, activities, and useful links.

Room 1 - Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall provides an introduction to the resource and describes its background and possible uses.

Room 2 - Curriculum Room

The Curriculum room presents a broad framework for a ‘mobility and independence curriculum’. The concern of this room is defining the boundaries of mobility and independence (M&I) education.

Room 3 - Delivery Room

The Delivery room describes the complex process of delivering the mobility and independence curriculum to children with visual impairment in mainstream education using a delivery cycle consisting of six stages: referral, assessment, programme design, intervention, review and completion

Room 4 - M&I Policy and Service Room

The M&I Policy and Service room considers some of the issues that need to be addressed when developing an M&I service for children who are educated in mainstream schools. In particular, it is important to consider which professionals should be involved in the delivery of the M&I curriculum, the skills and training they would require, and the agencies in which they might be employed.

Room 5 - Education Policies room

The Education Policies room is aimed at professionals and others who are not familiar with the field of education or its policies, and focuses particularly on policies relating to special educational needs. The trend towards the education of children with visual impairment in mainstream schools is described, along with commonly used terminology, such as ‘SEN’. It is intended as an introductory guide rather than an authoritative account. Links are provided to web sites and other resources where further information can be obtained if desired.

Room 6 - Resource Room

The Resource room brings together the resources that have been used and referenced throughout this online resource, and in the research project reports (Pavey, Douglas, McCall, McLinden and Arter, 2002a & 2002b). It includes our 10 key recommendations, examples of checklists for carrying out assessments, and a list of the references used throughout the resource and the research reports.