New School name: Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

From 1st October 2014 our name will change to the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering. This change reflects a new vision and strategic direction for the School. We will consolidate and improve our reputation both in the UK and abroad, and ensure that as a School we play to our considerable research strengths which are aligned to the challenges in the outside world.

EESE Strategic Aims

  • To deliver research with high quality outputs and impact, organised into powerful groupings with clear leadership and critical mass
  • To deliver updated and sustainable taught programmes, providing high quality, distinctive experiences for high calibre students, closely linked to research specialisms and meeting accreditation requirements
  • To commit to the improvement of research and teaching labs to enhance the experience of students and researchers
  • To engage employers in all aspects of our work from course development, professional and executive education, outreach, student support, topical lectures and student employability

Our Objectives

  • To be recognised as one of the top schools amongst the Russell Group
  • To ensure that our graduate employability after 6 months is consistently over 90%.
  • To improve the experience of all our students
  • To strengthen our performance in the capture of research grants and awards
  • To routinely meet the professional accreditation requirements for all for our taught programmes
  • To deliver an excellent return at the next national assessment of research in Higher Education

Our Research Groups

We will align our expertise towards 6 focussed research groups. Each research group will be led by an internationally recognised high profile researcher within their discipline.

  • Interactive Systems Engineering
  • Wireless Communications and remote sensing
  • Emerging Device Technology
  • Railway Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Power and Control Systems
  • Space Environment Research: SERENE

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