Athena SWAN

Athena SWAN Bronze AwardThe University of Birmingham is committed to promoting equality and celebrating diversity and holds the Athena SWAN Bronze Award, which demonstrates the work of the university towards advancing the careers of female science academics in the UK. 

GEES is also working towards a Silver award and has a clear and impactful action plan for supporting and promoting gender equality in the Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences disciplines.

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Professor David Hannah, Head of School "As Head of a school that spans the natural and social sciences (Geography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Planning), we have a range of experiences which point towards the challenges of opening up our disciplines to diverse groups of staff and students.

Amongst these challenges is attracting more female students to science subject areas, and supporting our female staff to progress to the highest level in their careers.

Our commitment to Athena SWAN has focused on taking action to provide a working environment that recognises and accommodates the many different commitments and responsibilities that our staff have beyond work.

We have sought to mainstream issues of gender equality across School activity from teaching to research to administration and management.

We see the development of our future Athena SWAN action as a way of integrating ideals of collaboration and fairness, and valuing the sustained hard work of our staff as an important counter-balance to the global market-based pressures which exist within a transforming Higher Education landscape.

Working towards these ideals requires recognition of how specific groups of people are under-represented across our different subject areas, raising awareness of the value of diversity to our knowledge and understanding as well as our working lives and institutional goals, and taking strong action to ensure equality both in our School policies and working culture."