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Environmental Health Sciences 

Title Principal contact
Safer-by-design nanomaterials: strategies to design-in or design-out toxicity (PDF 65KB) Professor Éva Valsami-Jones
Determining the role of fungal spores in cloud formation (PDF 42KB) Dr Francis Pope
Burning dirty fuel in ships may nourish world’s ocean and combat global warming (PDF 20KB) Dr Zongbo Shi
How Important is HONO for Urban Air Quality? (PDF 52KB) Dr William Bloss
Feeling the heat: birds as bioindicators of flame retardant emissions from landfills (PDF 51KB) Professor Stuart Harrad
Bio-nano-interfacial interactions: Probing the kinetics and dynamics of nanoparticle interactions with macromolecules (PDF 162KB) Dr Iseult Lynch
Atmospheric Behaviour of Ultrafine Particles Arising from Road Traffic (PDF 24KB) Professor Roy Harrison
Urban greening and air quality: A modelling investigation into the effect of trees on photochemical pollution in a street canyon (PDF 61KB) Dr Xiaoming Cai
Systematically varied nanoparticle libraries for nano-ecosafety assessment (PDF 50KB) Dr Iseult Lynch
Impact of urban heat and climate change on the Birmingham transport network (PDF 210KB) Dr Lee Chapman
The Atmospheric Chemistry of Iodine and Alkenes (PDF 32KB) Dr William Bloss
Modelling Birmingham’s urban heat island (PDF 56KB) Dr Xiaoming Cai
A novel methodology to study nanomaterial stability using single particle ICP-MS (PDF 45KB) Professor Éva Valsami-Jones
Variability and Potential Predictability of Natural Hazards over Europe and the Mediterranean: Heat Waves and Droughts (VAPOP-HD) (PDF 18KB) Dr Gregor C. Leckebusch


Title Principal contact
Connecting glacial, hydrological and landscape change in an Icelandic river basin (Virkisjokull) (PDF 20KB) Dr Nick Barrand
How hot is hot? Constraining North Atlantic marine and terrestrial surface temperatures during the early Eocene (PDF 61KB) Dr James Bendle
Mesozoic Biosequence Stratigraphy of the Wessex Basin, UK (PDF 26KB) Dr Ian Boomer
Testing hypotheses of deep time functional convergence between phytosaurs and crocodilians (PDF 88KB) Dr Richard Butler
Origin and early evolution of pterosaurs: the first true vertebrate fliers (PDF 61KB) Dr Richard Butler
Growth-rate controlled trace metal uptake by modern calcifying marine algae (PDF 24KB) Dr Tom Dunkley Jones
Quantitative Vegetation Modelling in Southwest Turkey (PDF 86KB) Dr Warren J. Eastwood
Late Cretaceous Palaeoenvironements of the NE Brazil margin and the opening of the equatorial Atlantic gateway (PDF 22KB) Dr Guy Harrington
Investigating the role of oceanic plateaus in early continental growth (PDF 20KB) Dr Alan Hastie
New Oceanic Internal Wave Images on Fish-Finder Echograms (PDF 115KB) Dr Stephen Jones
Calibrating oceanic circulation models using average sound speed variability determined from seismic reflection surveys (PDF 146KB) Dr Stephen Jones
Why are Non-Volcanic Passive Margins Not Volcanic? (PDF 94KB) Professor Tim Reston
Structural analysis of hyperextended crust (PDF 287KB)  Professor Tim Reston
The stratigraphy and emplacement of the Antrim lavas (SEAL) (PDF 53KB) Dr Carl Stevenson
Probing the relationship between slab-surface processes and arc-magma chemistry (PDF 83KB) Dr Sebastian Watt
Assimilation of palaeoclimate proxy data into GCMs taking into account downscaling techniques and forward models (PDF 97KB) Dr Martin Widmann


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