Within the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences CURS offers a number of exciting and forward thinking Joint Honours undergraduate courses as well as professionally accredited taught MSc degree programmes, Postgraduate Diplomas, Certificates and other qualifications that can be taken on a full-time, part-time or modular basis. CURS has RTPI accreditation for Urban and Regional Planning and IED accreditation for Local and Regional Economic Development.

Undergraduate degree programmes

Through the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, CURS contributes to four joint honours combinations. Each is an academically stimulating degree, which offers the scope to specialise in particular policy areas and career avenues in the later stages of the course. 

Planning and Economics BSc (Hons)

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Planning doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it operates within a wider economy. To be a good planner, you need a good grasp of economics – property development, banking, trade and viability. Today, the link between [more...]

Planning and Social Policy BSc (Hons)

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The built environment is about more than buildings; it’s about the infrastructure that comes with it. So if you’re interested in key ‘quality of life’ issues – housing, health, education, [more...]

Postgraduate degree programmes

Much of our research and teaching is intended to help policy-making by providing a bridge between academic research and the needs of policy-makers in central and local government and other agencies. Underlying this is the aim of developing a better understanding of the processes of change in the urban and regional environment; the reasons for change; and its effects on towns, cities and regions and the people who live there. The following courses are available on a full or part time basis:

Research degrees