Garba Bako, MSc Science of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment 

Garba BakoI work with the Petroleum Technology Development Fund in Nigeria. The organisation is part of the Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources. The main mandate of the Fund is to provide training for Nigerians in oil and gas related fields as part of the capacity building program of the Nigerian Government.

The University of Birmingham’s long tradition of excellence in teaching and research as well as its highly rated world class facilities and learning resources influenced my decision to come and study for the MSc in Sciences of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

It is also a big honour to become a member of the institution’s prestigious and highly connected alumni association. Equally worth mentioning are members of the academic and non-academic staff who are always ready and willing to help. The 'open door' policy operated by these staff makes it a home away from home. It is also important to note that dissertation supervisors have been well trained to guide and advice students so as to bring out their best. My supervisor pushed me out of my comfort zone but that made me to enjoy my work and make excellent submissions based on his guidance. I will never forget the cordial student-supervisor relationship here. No wonder the institution has a leading edge in original research.

The city itself is one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan in Europe. The Edgbaston campus is located in a close-knit, vibrant and family-like setting with lots of shops and sporting facilities. For me, the close proximity of the campus facilities to my residence made it conducive to learning.

My expectations on the course, the University and the city have been surpassed. I am leaving the institution fulfilled. I found the course highly intensive, comprehensive and enjoyable. The multicultural nature of the class is one thing I will not forget in a hurry. I strongly believe that the MSc degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment will provide me with the specialist background that is required for practice anywhere in the world.