Jenny Mercer, MSc River Environmental Management

Jenny MercerThe River Environmental Management (REM) MSc* was a great mix of hydrology, ecology, geomorphology and river restoration modules.

The enthusiasm and support of the lecturers means that if you have a weakness in a particular area at the onset of the course then their help means you quickly catch up. Not all the time was spent in lectures; lab and field work were also key on the course, in particular trips to see restoration techniques put in place. There was also the option of attending the annual River Restoration Centre conference (a very valuable contact building venture!). I also had the opportunity of undertaking my dissertation connected with intermittent streams in Lyon, France.

I choose to complete an MSc to further my learning and career prospects; REM has most definitely helped me to achieve both of these goals. I feel more confident in my knowledge and also in how I express it; and in recent interviews employers have commented on the wide range of skills and knowledge the course has left me with. One such interview has recently seen me appointed in the role of Wetland Creation & River Restoration Consultant with Middlemarch, a job I feel I would not have been qualified or confident in fulfilling had I not spent a challenging, yet exciting and hugely stimulating and worthwhile year on the REM course at the University of Birmingham.


* This course is now called River Environments and their Management MSc