Said Munir, MSc Air Pollution Management and Control 

Said Munir
"the University of Birmingham had all the resources not only to teach me the theory but to train me for my future career in this field."
Said Munir

Why did you choose to study at the University of Birmingham?

I had done a small project related to air pollution during my previous study. I wanted to study further and make my career in air pollution and atmospheric science. When I came to know about the MSc programme “Air Pollution Management and Control” at the University of Birmingham, I applied straight away.

What made your course at Birmingham stand out for you?

Firstly air pollution was my dream course and the University of Birmingham offered me the full package: the MSc programme Air Pollution Management and Control covers all aspects of air pollution, including air pollution modelling, monitoring, sources, health and environmental effects and more. Secondly, the University had all the resources not only to teach me the theory but to train me for my future career in this field.

How would you rate the facilities in the School, and can you give us a brief description of the facilities you used?

In terms of teaching the University of Birmingham has a great team of researchers, lecturers, Doctors and professors, who are well known in this field throughout the world and I was lucky to learn from them. The staff were very friendly and hardworking.

Furthermore, computer laboratories, statistical software (e.g., SPSS), modelling software (e.g., ADMS, ADMS-Urban) and a well equipped Library were some of the resources that I used frequently during my study. These were all updated and in great condition, and there was help available whenever required.   

How did you find the level of support you had from your lecturers?

Just brilliant, they were so helpful and friendly and I always felt welcomed. They encouraged me and helped me (by providing positive references) for my future career.  

How did you find living in Birmingham?

Accommodation and food were cheap (relative to London where I lived before) and good quality. In Birmingham you will find a mixture of people coming from various ethnicities, which is great and it does not matter where you come from, you feel at home and can enjoy whatever food you like. 

Would you recommend Birmingham to other students?

Yes, 100%.