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Find out what it's like to be a student in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and see how our courses have benefited past students in their chosen careers.

Our students talk about studying Geography at BirminghamOur Geography students

Our Geography students talk about studying at the University of Birmingham.

MSci Geology videoMadeleine, MSci Geology

"At the University of Birmingham we're very lucky because we've got the Lapworth Museum. It’s attached to the department and is a fantastic resource for learning about fossils and other aspects of geology."

Environmental Science with Professional Placement Abroad (Australasia) BScLeonie, Environmental Science with Professional Placement Abroad (Australasia)

"It's a really good course because it combines Geography and the sciences, so if you're not sure whether you want to study Geography or Science it gives you a good combination."

Tom RandallTom Randall, BSc Geography

"I graduated from the University of Birmingham in July 2010 with a BSc in Geography, and the following month I joined IBM as a sales graduate."

Janina MickoJanina Micko, MSci Geology with an International Year

"I was allowed to conduct a thesis on Manto-type Cu deposits from Chile... I was immensely grateful that the department had made the effort to support my personal interests and future ambitions."

Jamie RogersJamie Rogers, MSci Environmental Science

"I developed guides and content that could be used in schools and for the public to understand the basics of scientific research, from forest ecology to using maps and GPS units."

Emma HillEmma Hill, BSc Geology and Geography

"[The course] gave me a good grounding in geological processes which form the basis of understanding engineering problems in my current job."

James WestonJames Weston, BSc Geology

"I decided that I wanted to combine the skills I gained from Geology with the experience I had gained from working in the civil engineering field, which led to my MSc in Geotechnical Engineering."

Josephine DurdinJosephine Durdin, BSc Environmental Science

"The course is completely relevant to the working world at the moment. Everything in business is about being sustainable and cost-efficient, so that nothing is wasted."

Stacie JonesStacie Jones, MSci Geology and Geography

"Doing these [dissertation] projects gave me the courage and knowledge to identify minerals and rock types and make connections between relationships."

Catherine PerryCatherine Perry, MSci Geology with an International Year

"This course benefited me because I got to study a subject I enjoyed and in later years I was able to choose the modules and so tailor the course to my particular interests and future career path in the subject."

Catherine Brooks, BSc Environmental Science

"[The course] helped me develop a diverse set of research skills, such as practical fieldwork techniques, questionnaire design, and how to make presentations, which are extremely useful in the work place."

Duncan Wright,Geography

"I had the honour of being the Chair of Kinvig for a year, a position I absolutely relished. It gave me the chance to represent the student body in the department and help with open days."

Colette LyleColette Lyle, MSci Geology

"The course provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to work within the petroleum industry."

James Ray, BSc Environmental Science

"As an undergraduate in Environmental Science I benefited from staff that had a range of backgrounds and experience and that understood the course needed to be interdisciplinary in order to be effective."

Hannah Fiszpan, Geography

"I have applied my degree course to work in an area that is stimulating, challenging, and varied. Furthermore, it is rewarding to know I play a major role in sustaining and protecting environments all over the world..."

Dan AshmoreDan Ashmore, BSc Geology

"Studying for a BSc in Geology at Birmingham university gave me a good foundation for general geology."


Mike ChildMike Child, BSc Environmental Geoscience

"There were numerous opportunities to develop key skills such as confidence, independence and time-management through the different projects and presentations."


David AshmoreDavid Ashmore, BSc Geology

"Studying BSc Geology at the University of Birmingham gave me the experience and knowledge to be able to work in the field independently"