Hear from our students

Find out what it's like to be an undergraduate student in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and see how our courses have benefited past students in their chosen careers.

Our students talk about studying Geography at Birmingham
Tom RandallTom, BSc Geography

“The course builds progressively at a manageable pace, encouraging group working and interaction with course mates, which resulted in lifelong friends.”

Charlotte-Ellen EalesCharlotte-Ellen, Geology

"Studying abroad is about integration, mental attitude, strength, change, self belief and finding out what makes you happy."

Daniel FisherDaniel, BSc Geography, Student Ambassador 

“What I most enjoy about my course is the variety of topics and boundaries it crosses, it’s so broad you can never get bored.”

Madeleine, MSci Geology

"At the University of Birmingham we're very lucky because we've got the Lapworth Museum. It’s a fantastic resource for learning about fossils and other aspects of geology."

Josephine, BSc Environmental Science

"The course is completely relevant to the working world at the moment. Everything in business is about being sustainable and cost-efficient, so that nothing is wasted."

Jemima AshdownJemima, BA Geography, Student Ambassador

“In no other subject could you attend a lecture in the morning about glaciers and a seminar in the afternoon focusing on prison architecture!”

ben-wilkinson-2Ben, BA Geography

"The combination of studying human geography and being surrounded by thousands of new people certainly helped me develop the skills and curiosity you need in advertising to understand what makes people tick."

Kheelan PatelKheelan, Environmental Geology

"I've developed a range of skills during my time here such as team work and geological mapping, and enhanced both my analytical and communication skills."

Jamie, MSci Environmental Science

"I developed guides and content that could be used in schools and for the public to understand the basics of scientific research, from forest ecology to using maps and GPS units."

Alex PoddAlex, MSci Geography with an
International Year, Student Ambassador 

"I loved the idea of having such a large amount of flexibility in my course."

James WestonJames, BSc Geology

"I decided that I wanted to combine the skills I gained from Geology with the experience I had gained from working in the civil engineering field, which led to my MSc in Geotechnical Engineering."

ColetteColette, MSci Geology

"The course provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to work within the petroleum industry."

Stacie JonesStacie, MSci Geology and Geography

"Doing these projects gave me the courage and knowledge to identify minerals and rock types and make connections between relationships."

Gina TomsettGina, BA Geography, Student Ambassador

“I preferred the course to others because it was more flexible and allowed you to do both human and physical geography.”