Dr Alan Jones PhD

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Research Fellow

Contact details

+44 (0)121 41 42664
+44 (0)121 41 43709
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


  • BSc (Hons) Edinburgh 1976 – Physics
  • PhD Nottingham 1983 – Agricultural Science; Diploma of the Institute of Acoustics
  • Research Fellow in Division of Environmental Health and Risk Management since 2000
  • Previously employed by NCB/British Coal and IMC Technical Services (a consultancy) on research and development into workplace and environmental dust and noise control


Airborne particulate concentrations and numbers in the UK – Interpretation of the variability of airborne particulate metrics. Funded by DEFRA (contract CPEA28) in collaboration with NPL.


Key Publications since 2001

Jones AM, Harrison RM (2011) ‘Temporal trends in sulphate concentrations at European sites and relationships to sulphur dioxide’ Atmospheric Environment 45 873-882

Jones AM, Harrison RM, Baker J (2010) ‘The wind speed dependence of the concentrations of airborne particulate matter and NOx’ Atmospheric Environment (2010) 44 1682-1690

Jones AM, Yin JX, Harrison RM (2008) ‘The weekday-weekend difference and the estimation of the non-vehicle contributions to the urban increment of airborne particulate matter’ Atmos Environ 42 4467-4479

Jones AM, Harrison RM (2006) ‘Assessment of natural components of PM10 at UK urban and rural sites’ Atmos Environ 40 7733–7741

Jones AM, Harrison RM (2006) ‘Estimation of the emission factors of particle number and mass fractions from traffic at a site where mean vehicle speeds vary over short distances’ Atmos Environ 40 7125–7137

Harrison R M, Jones A M (2005) ‘Interpretation of particulate elemental and organic carbon concentrations at rural, urban and kerbside sites’. Atmos Environ 39 7114-7126

Harrison R M, Jones A M (2005) ‘ Multisite study of particulate number concentrations in urban air’. Environ Sci Technol 39 6063-6070

Harrison R M, Jones A M, Biggins P D E, Pomeroy N, Hobman J L, Brown N L, Beswick A (2005) ‘Climate factors influencing bacterial count in background air samples’. Int J Biometeorol 49 163-178

Harrison R M, Jones A M, Lawrence R G (2004) ‘Major component composition of PM10 and PM2.5 from roadside and urban background sites’. Atmos Environ 38 4531-4538

Harrison R M, Jones A M, Barrowcliffe R (2004) ‘Field study of the influence of meteorological factors and traffic volumes upon suspended particle mass at urban roadside sites of differing geometries’. Atmos Environ 38 6361-6369

Jones A M, Harrison R M (2004) ‘The effects of meteorological factors on atmospheric bioaerosol concentrations – a review’. Sci Total Environ 326 151-180

Harrison R M, Jones A M, Lawrence R G (2003) ‘A pragmatic mass closure model for airborne particulate matter at urban background and roadside sites’. Atmos Environ 37 4927-4933