Dr Jianxin Yin PhD

Research Fellow

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Jianxin Yin

Contact details

Telephone +44 (0)121 41 47297

Fax +44 (0)121 41 43078

Email j.yin@bham.ac.uk

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Dr Jianxin Yin is one of the experts in the field of atmospheric aerosol monitoring and characterisation. She has gained tremendous experiences during the past 13 years of research on use of modern aerosol field monitoring and modern laboratory analytical equipment and on air quality data analyses and modelling.


  • PhD in Environmental Health Science (University of Birmingham)
  • BSc (Hons) in chemistry (Hebei Normal University, China)


Dr Jianxin Yin obtained her BSc in chemistry and worked as a university lecture assistant and later as a university lecturer in China before she came to England. She gained her PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Birmingham and then started working on air pollution with the Division of Environmental Health and Risk Management.


Research Cluster / Group Affiliation

Environmental Health Sciences

Research Interests

  • Air pollution and health
  • Physical and chemical characterisation of airborne particles
  • Source apportionment of atmospheric aerosols

Other activities

Dr Jianxin Yin is also engaged at supervising/training postgraduate students and new member of staff on the use of field and laboratory equipment, and advising/helping postgraduate students on their research.


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