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Our alumni play an invaluable role by offering practical advice and support to prospective and current students. Please contact them directly to ask any questions you may have on studying at the University, living in Birmingham / UK, career pathways, living and working internationally post graduation etc.

Nadia Krige

Nadia Krige

Contact me: Africa Facebook group or nmkrige@bhamalumni.org

Country (Residence): United Kingdom

Nationality (Country of birth): South Africa 

Degree: MSc International Development 2010

Current Employment:

In May 2010, I was employed by Accenture to work as an Analyst in their London office within their Health and Public Services client group, continuing the public sector focus that I structured for my MSc. My current role is on a collaborative project between HMRC and Accenture aimed at eliminating VAT fraud in the UK through which more than £6 billion per year is lost. This project will run until October 2012, and forms part of the larger deficit reduction agenda.

What is your favourite memory of the University of Birmingham?

It was invaluable to learn from the experiences and perspectives of students from entirely difference backgrounds. My world view and values were both shared and profoundly influenced by my contemporaries.

What did you like most about living and studying within the city of Birmingham?

There was a close-knit atmosphere of camaraderie and fun; my course-mates very soon became close friends and it has been wonderful to expand my network and find a home in a country that at first was completely new to me.

What one piece of advice you would offer to someone looking to study at the University of Birmingham?

The lecturers and fellow students are an absolute resource of knowledge and insight that you should draw upon at every opportunity. Also, don’t leave your work to the last minute!