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The School of Government and Society is proud of all of its students and alumni. Via the University's Development and Alumni Office, we hope to keep in touch with all of our alumni post-graduation, to learn of their many successes and to continue to share our research successes and campus developments.

Latest alumni profiles:

Jodie Anne Holmes, BA Political Science (2015)

Jodie Anne Holmes is currently working as Constituency Assistant and Campaign Coordinator to current Chief Whip (UK Parliament) and completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science.

Graham Allcott, BA Media, Culture and Society (2001)

Graham Allcott (BA Media, Culture and Society, 2001) is the Founder and Director of Think Productive. The original 'Productivity Ninja,' Graham has authored three books on personal productivity, including the global best-seller How to be a Productivity Ninja, and he has launched the podcast 'Beyond Busy'.

Rachael Cox, BA International Relations with Political Science (2008)

Rachael Cox (BA International Relations with Political Science, 2008) works in the House of Commons as a Committee Specialist for the International Development Committee and finds her international studies lectures are still relevant to her day-to-day job.

Konrad Jagodzinski, BA International Relations with Political Science (2012)

Konrad Jagodzinski (BA International Relations with Political Science, 2012) is the Senior Public Relations Specialist at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London. Originally from Poland, he wanted to study in the UK and was a founder of the University of Birmingham Polish Society. He counts welcoming Jeremy Paxman to the Embassy amongst his most extraordinary days on the job.

Charlotte Hill, BA Philosophy and Political Science (2001)

Charlotte Hill was named Alumna of the Year in 2016 for her contributions to community life and society. Today she is the CEO of Step Up To Serve, the charity coordinating the national #iwill campaign which is collaborating with youth organisations, businesses, and the faith and education sectors to make social action a part of life for as many 10 to 20 year-olds as possible by 2020.

Immy Kaur, MSc International Development (2011)

Imandeep Kaur Bensal (MSc International Development, 2011) is Co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham and Curator of TEDxBrum. A crowd-funded social enterprise, Impact Hub Birmingham is part of the global Impact Hub network and is made up innovative and diverse makers, doers, entrepreneurs and activists committed to building a better city and world.

Amy Soar, BA International Relations with French

Amy Soar (BA International Relations with French, 2011) is a Senior Foreign Policy Analyst for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since first joining the FCO on a graduate internship scheme, she has been posted in London, Ascension Island, New York City and most recently in Warsaw at the British Embassy. While a student at Birmingham, Amy was one of the founding members of POLSoc, the Politics Society, which is still very active today.

Jo Tenzer, BA Political Science (2002)

Jo Tenzer (BA Political Science, 2002) is the Measurement Partnership Lead at Facebook in London, and before that she worked for Ipsos MORI and YouGov. For Jo, there was no back-up plan – the University of Birmingham was the only place she ever wanted to go.

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