Ashok Kumar Jain (1990)

Ashok Kumar Jain My time at the IDD (1990) had been most enriching. I especially enjoyed learning how to organize thoughts, lateral thinking, information, time and resource management, converting ideas and academics into practice and gender sensitive development with the people especially the poor. 

The training at IDD has been helpful in my work such as Delhi Master Plan 2021, National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, National Urban Transport Policy, UN Habitat Reports- Planning Sustainable Cities (2009), Cities and Climate Change (2011), Sustainable Urban Mobility (2013), and various projects such as slum rehabilitation, Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, Urban transport, etc.

I always remember the excellent thought leaders like Richard Batley, Ian Blore, Wilson, Philip  Amis, Carole Rakodi and others who have been very kind in sharing their wealth of knowledge with open hearts and hands.