David Cobley (2006-)

David CobleyI joined IDD in 2006 as a part-time Masters students on the Poverty Reduction & Development Management programme. The two years passed by so quickly that I was disappointed when it all came to an end. Since then, however, I have managed to avoid  leaving the Department by adopting various guises, including Teaching Assistant, PhD student, Visiting Lecturer and now Teaching Fellow.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of IDD for nearly eight years now, my fondest memories still relate to my time as a Master student. I had begun the course with some trepidation, since it was nearly 20 years since I had done any serious studying and I was not sure if I could even remember how to write an essay. However, my fears were soon allayed as I discovered that others were in a similar position, and that there was so much support and encouragement available within the Department, both from the tutors and my fellow students.

The highlight was probably a short period of field work in Uganda collecting data for my dissertation. Having been a keen traveller for all my adult life, I relished the opportunity to visit a new country and gain a unique insight into the experiences of disabled people seeking to overcome the immense range of exclusionary societal barriers that confront them on a daily basis. It was also a pleasure to meet up with several of my fellow IDD students in Kampala, from where we travelled together to Mbarara to attend the wedding of Pius Gumisiriza, one of our former IDD classmates.