Joshua Gimba

MSc International Political Economy and Development

Joshua GimbaCurrent Position: Consultant at UNDP

Country of origin: USA

I chose to study in the UK because I was drawn to the excellent combination of academics and practical experience the University of Birmingham provided.

The academic faculty and support staff have been very supportive, providing valuable career advice and accommodating any needs one might have during the course.

I gained immensely from the cultural diversity at the University of Birmingham. I found the faculty and student population very approachable and friendly.

It is important to realize that one gains knowledge both in and out of the classroom. The University of Birmingham provided me with an opportunity to build a network of friends from different cultures and nationalities. Also, I would advise that you leverage the wonderful cultural experience the city of Birmingham provides.

Living in the city centre, I found the Birmingham city clean, safe, easily accessible to University, and living costs relatively cheap, which gives one the opportunity to experience the cultural opportunities the wider West Midlands has to offer.

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