Workshop on research and evidence in international development - Knowledge brokers and networks sharing experiences

Wednesday 17th October 2012 (00:00)
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International development policy and practice are expected to be based on the best available evidence, but while knowledge brokers and networks are continually working to improve access to research and increase its uptake, many challenges remain. How can we best access, evaluate, manage, and communicate knowledge across the wide range of disciplines and contexts in international development? How can knowledge be delivered efficiently and effectively to support informed policy making and project planning, implementation, and evaluation?

This workshop brings together leading knowledge brokers and networks to share experiences and lessons learned in managing knowledge and in monitoring and evaluating knowledge management work.

The International Development Department is organising a one-day workshop on the uptake and impact of research and evidence on public policy on 17 October 2012. Although case studies and examples will be taken from international development and humanitarian work, the themes discussed will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the uptake and impact of social science research. Workshop sessions will include:

  • The uptake of social science research and evidence in public policy: the policy process and the role of evidence within it
  • The demand side of research and evidence in development: what do policymakers and practitioners need to know, and how do they apply knowledge?
  • Monitoring and evaluating the uptake and impact of research: sharing experiences about what works
  • Knowledge brokers and networks: sharing experiences about what works

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Fiona Armstrong, Head of Knowledge Exchange, ESRC
  • Derick Brinkerhoff, RTI International / George Washington University, USA
  • Fred Carden, Evaluation Director, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
  • Jo Duffy, Research Development Leader for International Development, ESRC
  • Catherine Fisher, Impact and Learning Team, IDS
  • Liz Hart, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Norway
  • Yaso Kunaratnam, I-K-Mediaries network / Knowledge Brokers Forum, IDS
  • Andrew Rathmell, Coffey International Development
  • John Young, Research and Policy In Development programme, ODI

Additional speakers are still to be confirmed.

Space will be limited so registration will be required – please watch for further details to be announced shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions please email