IDD academic giving paper at IASC conference in Hyderabad

Dr Fiona Nunan will be giving a paper at the 2011 conference organised by the International Association of the Commons (IASC) in Hyderabad, 10th-14th January.

The paper, ‘Property rights and regimes: implications of managing capacity through co-management on Lake Victoria, East Africa’, looks at how efforts to manage fishing capacity, within the context of co-management, impact on the nature of property rights and the property regime.

The paper was written with the Senior Economist of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation, Mrs Caroline Kirema-Mukasa, and draws on the authors’ experience of supporting the three countries bordering Lake Victoria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, in working to improve the management of the lake fisheries for local livelihoods and sustainability.

More information about the conference can be found on the IASC conference website