IDD academic speaks on 'Transparency and Accountability in Fragile States' at ODI

Dr Heather Marquette spoke at an event on ‘Transparency and Accountability in Fragile States: Why it matters and lessons from experience’ held at ODI in London on Friday 15 April 2011, 11:00-12:30.

The impact of corruption and lack of transparency on development progress, particularly in fragile states, is widely recognised, and it has generated an array of international transparency and accountability initiatives. Drawing on evidence emerging from multi-country and cross-sectoral research, this event will explore how a new generation of transparency initiatives, including the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) and the Network for Integrity in Reconstruction, has sought to address corruption in fragile states, draw lessons on what has and has not worked and why, and highlight some of the challenges that remain ahead.

The session will feature the following speakers:

  • Martin Tisne - Transparency and Accountability Initiative
  • Martin Walshe - Construction Sector Transparency Initiative, DFID
  • Claire Schouten - Associate Programme Director, Network for Integrity in Reconstruction, TIRI
  • Dr Heather Marquette -International Development Department, University of Birmingham
  • James Deane - Head of Policy, BBC World Service Trust.

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