New textbook: Conflict, Security and Development: An Introduction.

This new book, co-authored by Danielle Beswick and Paul Jackson, brings together academic theory, practical examples from field research and an outline of relevant policy developments in the past two decades to provide an overview of the connections between conflict, security and development.

The links between these areas have become a topic of great discussion in recent years. Both students and practitioners of development find themselves analysing or working on challenges that cannot be tackled without an understanding of the dynamics, causes and impacts of conflict. However, just because there is greater recognition of the links between security and development, does not mean there is much agreement on what those links look like, or what implications they might have for different actors in the development arena.

This book provides a basic introduction to help students navigate these complex debates. The subjects covered in the book are also the core of a Masters programme already established here in IDD (International Development- Conflict Security and Development), which will be launched as a Distance Learning Programme, aimed mainly at development practitioners working overseas, in 2011.

The book is available at: