Seminar on Dowry Violence in India

Martin Rew and Dr. Geetanjali Gangoli (University of Bristol, School for Policy Studies) recently gave a seminar on the 24th of August at the Research Centre for Women's Studies at SNDT University, Mumbai (the only ‘women’s only’ university in the country apparently!) in August.

The paper was on 'dowry violence' and the family debates since the 1980's both within the Lok Sabha and in terms of a few notable legal cases. The paper discussed the degree to which current Indian domestic violence law in relation to dowry is currently ‘captured’ by political and socio-cultural dynamics and which Indian feminist movements have largely been ineffective in reforming.

The seminar was well received by students and staff, and both the University and the Centre seems interested in future collaborations, particularly in terms of research and in terms of PhD exchanges and they have a strong gender and development focus. The Centre is particularly strong on violence against women issues (a theme which seems to be increasingly part of current donor policy and rhetoric) and is also involved in UN funded work on religious sectarian violence and gender in two slum districts in Mumbai, which is obviously very much related to IDD's religions and development research theme.

Martin and Dr. Gangoli hope to do work with SNDT in the future, and they will be looking at developing collaborative research proposals.

For more information please contact Martin Rew