Case stories on capacity development launched at Busan High Level Forum

The publication, Capacity Results: Case stories on capacity development and development results, is a collection of 15 short case stories illustrating how endogenous investments in capacity development have led to sustainable development outcomes in a wide variety of countries and contexts. These stories tell how investments in leadership capacity, coalitions for change, knowledge and skills and other capacity assets, have led to better performing public institutions, communities and civil society organizations; and how these have in turn contributed to sustainable development results that have benefited ordinary citizens.

IDD staff member Brian Lucas served as a co-editor for the publication, which is the result of collaboration among more than thirty organisations including government institutions, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and non-governmental and civil society organizations. It was coordinated through the Learning Network on Capacity Development (, an international network of individuals and organisations working together to improve capacity development practice.

Read the report: Case stories on capacity development and sustainable results