OECD Factsheet on resource flows to fragile states launched at Busan High Level Forum

Posted on Thursday 1st December 2011

The 2011 Factsheet on resource flows to fragile states ("Ensuring Fragile States Are Not Left Behind") provides policy makers and decision-makers at donor headquarters and country offices with a tool to better monitor the levels, trends, timing and composition of resource flows (ODA and non ODA) to fragile states, and to alert them to key issues and countries of concern.

Sumedh Rao, GSDRC Research Fellow and IDD staff member, and Pranay Sinha, Research Fellow and doctoral student, worked with the OECD DAC secretariat to analyse statistics from a range of sources to identify key resource concerns in fragile states – a group of the poorest and most conflict-prone countries. They are also working on a longer report for the OECD which looks in greater detail at some of the issues raised, which will be published shortly.

Read the factsheet: 2011 Ensuring Fragile States Are Not Left Behind