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Posted 30 September 2015

IDD Impact case studies 2015

Research by IDD academics ranked in top 20 examples of UK research contributing to global development

Posted 10 September 2015

New book by Dr Fiona Nunan

Dr Fiona Nunan's 'Understanding Poverty and the Environment: Analytical Frameworks and Approaches' has just been published by Routledge and is a must-read for students and scholars of environment and development.

Posted 10 September 2015

IAS Blog: Thinking politically - Part I

Written by Dr Jonathan Fisher. The 'age of austerity' has not been kind to Western aid agencies and their staff or to those who would defend them. Though Britain's Department for International Development (DFID) has had its budget 'ring-fenced' since 2010 its counterparts elsewhere in Europe have not been so lucky while its equivalent in Australia – AusAID – has disappeared altogether as an independent entity, subsumed into the country's foreign ministry only weeks ago.

Posted 22 June 2015

Blog: Prizes for local government: Latin America or England?

Written by Dr Andrew Nickson. Last week I was in Panama City to deliver the inaugural address at the 2nd Latin American seminar on good practices in municipal management. My topic was the challenges of sub-national governance in the region, after thirty years during which local political democracy has gradually become the norm, accompanied by a growing share of fiscal revenue devolved to local government.

Posted 28 May 2015

CHASR: A Student's Insight

RTC has been collaborating with the International Development Department (IDD) for a number of years. Our Masters student, Jeffery Hamann, recounts his experience of taking part in an RTC-led conflict simulation exercise as part of his course. The simulation was conducted as a part of the IDD's CHASR (Conflict, Humanitarian Aid and Social Reconstruction) module.

Posted 24 April 2015

Blog: Deaths in the Mediterranean are a direct result of ongoing crisis in north Africa

Written by Professor Paul Jackson, a political economist working predominantly on conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. A core area of interest is decentralisation and governance and it was his extensive experience in Sierra Leone immediately following the war that led him into the area of conflict analysis and security sector reform.

Posted 21 April 2015

Deaths in the Mediterranean are a direct result of ongoing crisis in north Africa

Written by Professor Paul Jackson. The rapid escalation this year in the numbers of people drowned as they flee in leaky boats across the Mediterranean is a direct consequence of the conflict in Iraq, Syria and north Africa, specifically Libya – where the implications of the Western intervention are playing out in the deaths of thousands, whether from the violence itself or as they try desperately to escape to safety.

Posted 20 April 2015

IDD Guest seminar podcast: Research and risk-aversion in conflict-affected societies

Speaker: Dr Suda Perera, Developmental Leadership Program. This seminar discusses the political and physical constraints affecting research within conflict-affected environments, and the growing trend towards remotely gathered data, through an autoethnography of research on armed group dynamics in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).