Huma Haider

Huma Haider

International Development Department
Research Fellow, GSDRC

Contact details

International Development Department
School of Government and Society
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham,
B15 2TT, United Kingdom


LLM International Human Rights Law (London School of Economics)

MBA (University of Toronto)

LLB (University of Toronto)

BA Political Science / Economics (McGill University)


Huma joined the GSDRC, based in the International Development Department, in 2007.  She is a licensed attorney (New York State Bar) and worked previously in the Prosecution Support Section of the War Crimes Chamber, Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  She has also researched into issues of refugee / IDP return, coexistence and reconciliation in Bosnia.

Prior to this, Huma was Director of Research and Publications at the Atlantic Council of Canada (a NGO focusing on NATO, security and development, and peacebuilding); and founding editor of The Transatlantic Quarterly (a journal focusing on the interplay of political, socioeconomic, legal, cultural and military components in the development of peace and security).

Huma is particularly interested in transitional justice in the context of peacebuilding, coexistence and reconciliation in divided societies; as well as the role of refugees / IDPs and diaspora communities in transitional justice and peacebuilding.


Research interests

  • Transitional justice in the context of peacebuilding
  • Coexistence and reconciliation in divided societies
  • Role of refugees, IDPs and diaspora communities in conflict dynamics and peacebuilding
  • International human rights law
  • The Balkans, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina

Current and recent projects

  • Researching and writing GSDRC guides on international legal frameworks for humanitarian action, conflict sensitivity, conflict, statebuilding and peacebuilding, state-society relations and citizenship
  • Producing rapid response research on a range of governance, conflict and social development issues for DFID, AusAID and other clients
  • Researching and writing a topic guide on security and justice sector reform in the Balkans and the Caucasus for the GFN-SSR


  • Journal articles

Haider, H. (2014) ' Transnational Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: The Participation of Conflict-generated Diaspora in Addressing the Legacy of Mass Violence’, Journal of Refugee Studies, Special issue on Accountability and Redress for the Injustices of Displacement, 27(2), pp. 207-233

Haider, H. (2011) ‘Social Repair in Divided Societies: Integrating a Coexistence Lens into Transitional Justice’, Conflict, Security and Development, 11(2), pp. 175-203

Welch, T., Haider, H., Meenagh, H., and M’Boge, Y. (2011) ‘Witness Anonymity at the International Criminal Court: Due Process for Defendants, Witnesses or Both?’, Denning Law Journal, 23, pp. 29-46

Haider, H. and Welch, T. (2010) ‘The Use of Protective Measures for Victims and Witnesses and the Balance of Competing Interests Under International Law: The Special Case of War Crimes Trials’, L’Observateur des Nations Unies, 28, Special Edition on ‘The Place of the Victim in International Law’, pp. 37-62

Haider, H. (2010) ‘The Politicisation of Humanitarian Assistance: Refugee and IDP Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina’, The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance, April

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Haider, H. and Welch, T. (2008) ‘The Protection of Witnesses in Bosnian War Crimes Trials: A Fair Balance Between the Interests of the Victims and the Rights of the Accused?’, Denning Law Journal, 20, pp. 55-86

  • Books and book chapters

Haider, H. (2013) ‘Media and Transitional Justice’ in The Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice, eds. L. Stan and N. Nedelsky. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Haider, H. (2013) ‘Re-writing History Textbooks’ in The Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice, eds. L. Stan and N. Nedelsky. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Iacobucci, E., Trebilcock, M., Haider, H. (2001) Economic Shocks: Defining a Role for Government, Toronto: CD Howe Institute

  • Conference papers and presentations

Haider, H (2012) ‘Engaging diaspora through transitional justice and hostland integration: An exploration of how this could benefit both the diaspora and their homeland’, paper presented at the conference, Relationships between Diasporas and Their ‘Homelands’ and Their Impact on the State, National Identities, and Peace and Conflict, 3-5 February, Beirut

Haider, H. (2011) ‘Return in Divided Societies: Restoring Coexistence and Promoting Reintegration in Bosnia and Herzegovina’, paper presented at the Conference on Displacement and Reconciliation, 9-10 June, Ottawa

Haider, H. (2010) 'Positive Interactions between Coexistence, Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding in Divided Societies', paper presented at the International Studies Association Annual Convention: Theory vs. Policy? Connecting Scholars and Practitioners’, 17-20 February, New Orleans

Haider, H. (2008) '”Let's Have a Coffee”: Rebuilding Coexistence and Achieving Sustainable Return and Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina', paper presented at the International Peace Research Association Global Conference: Sustainable Futures – Enacting Peace for Development, 15-19 July, Leuven, Belgium

  • Topic guides and working papers

Haider, H. (2013). ‘International legal frameworks for humanitarian action: Topic guide’ GSDRC, Birmingham, UK

Haider, H (2012) ‘Initiatives and Obstacles to Reintegration in Divided Communities: UNHCR’s Imagine Coexistence Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina’, Working paper, no. 24, Divided Cities/Contested States Working Paper Series

Haider, H. (2010) ‘State-Society Relations and Citizenship in Situations of Conflict and Fragility’, The Governance and Social Development Resource Centre, Birmingham, UK

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