Claire Mcloughlin

Claire Mcloughlin

International Development Department
Research Fellow

Contact details

International Development Department
School of Government and Society
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham,
B15 2TT, United Kingdom


  • MA International Relations and World Order, University of Leicester
  • BA History and Politics, University of Leicester


Claire is a Research Fellow with over a decade of experience working on policy-oriented research in development. She has recently published on the politics of service delivery, the relationship between state and non-state service providers, and the role of public services in state-building. She is a senior researcher with GSDRC, where she helps coordinate rapid research for leading bilateral agencies on governance, conflict and humanitarian issues. She is also a senior researcher with the Developmental Leadership Programme (DLP). Claire is completing her part-time doctoral research in IDD on higher education and development in Sri Lanka.


Claire contributes to teaching on the module ‘Governance and State-building in Developing Countries’


Research focus

  • Service delivery and state-building
  • Non-state service providers and their relationships with the state
  • Sources of state legitimacy in post-conflict situations
  • Political economy of public goods provision
  • Higher education and development

Current and recent projects

  • Lead researcher on case study of higher education in Sri Lanka, for Developmental Leadership Programme.
  • Lead author on topic guide on low cost private schools, for DFID.
  • Second author and lead methodology expert on rigorous review of private schools for the economically disadvantaged, for DFID.
  • Supporting the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) on the service delivery stream of their flagship programme on Sustainable Governance Transitions.
  • Lead author of working paper on the ‘politics of what works’ in basic service provision, written for the Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre (ESID), University of Manchester
  • Supporting expert and co-writer of the OECD handbook on ‘contracting-out government functions and services in conflict-affected and fragile situations’.  
  • Author of GSDRC policymakers guide to Fragile States, produced for the UK Department for International Development (DFID).
  • Co-author of emerging issues paper on state capacity and non-state service delivery in fragile situations, produced for DFID.
  • Rapid response research on a variety of key and emerging governance, conflict and social development issues for DFID, EC and AusAid.


Journal articles

Batley, R., and Mcloughlin, C., (2015). The Politics of Public Services: A Service Characteristics Approach, World Development, Volume 74, October 2015, Pages 275–285

Mcloughlin, C. (2015) When does service delivery improve the legitimacy of a fragile or conflict-affected state? Governance, Volume 28, Issue 3, pages 341356

Batley, R., McCourt, W., and Mcloughlin, C. (2012) The politics and governance of public services in developing countries, Public Management Review

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Scott, Z., Mcloughlin, C., and Marquette, H., (2012), Combining value for money with increased aid to fragile states: Welcome partnership or clash of agendas?, Crime, Law and Social Change, Volume 1, February 2012

Book chapters

Mcloughlin, (2014) The politics of what works in service delivery, Chapter 5 in Bukenya, B, Hickey, S and Sen, K. The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the Evidence, Oxford University Press

Rigorous reviews

Day Ashley L, Mcloughlin C, Aslam M, Engel J, Wales J, Rawal S, Batley R, Kingdon G, Nicolai S, Rose P (2014) The role and impact of private schools in developing countries: a rigorous review of the evidence. Final report. Education Rigorous Literature Review. London: Department for International Development.

Working papers

Mcloughlin, C., (2015) Researching State Legitimacy: A Political Approach to a Political Problem, DLP Research Paper 36. Birmingham: Developmental Leadership Program, University of Birmingham.

Mcloughlin, C., (2013) Low-cost private schools: Evidence, approaches and emerging issues, London: Economic and Private Sector PEAKS

Mcloughlin, C., (2013), Performing to expectations? (Re-) Building state legitimacy via service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected states, Paper presented at ISA Annual Convention panel on ‘Theorizing Intervention, San Francisco, 3-6 April 2013

Mcloughlin, C., and Harris, D., (2013), The politics of progress on water and sanitation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, ODI working paper, London: Overseas Development Institute

Mcloughlin, C., with Batley, R., (2012), The effects of sector characteristics on accountability relationships in service delivery, ODI working paper 350, London: Overseas Development Institute

Mcloughlin, C., and Batley, R., (2012), The politics of what works in service provision: an evidence-based review, working paper for the Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Programme

Mcloughlin, C. (2009), ‘Fragile States: A Topic Guide’, Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC), University of Birmingham, Birmingham

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