Claire Kueh

MSc Public Management (2012)

Claire Kueh describes her experience of studying a MSc in Public Management at the Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham during her recent graduation.

My name's Claire Kueh and I’ve just graduated in Public Management at INLOGOV which is in the School of Government and Society.

I studied t the University of Birmingham because of the job I do so I applied to Hertfordshire County Councils graduate management training programme and one of the reasons I did that was because the offered the opportunity to study for a masters at Birmingham University so our organisation always put people through this masters course so I’d heard about how good it was so I was keen to try it out.

The things that I enjoyed the most about my time at Birmingham was the opportunity to come together with other people who work in the public sector and be able to discuss really important issues of the day and be able to learn practically the things that apply to our organisation and then to be able to go out and on Monday put those things in to practice at work.

I've just graduated and I’ve also just started a job at Hertfordshire County Council as Senior Policy Officer with specific focus on localism and engagement and one really good thing was I was able to structure my dissertation about localism so it was very very relevant and still will be.

My advice for someone thinking of coming to study at Birmingham would be to go for it, it's a really great course you have a really great opportunity to learn loads, it's really relevant for the day job and it's entirely do able."

Course details: Public Management (with specialist pathways) MSc/PGDip/GDip/PGCert