Alyson Nicholds

PhD Local Government Studies (2012)

Alyson Nicholds describes her experience of studying a PhD in the Institute of Local Government Studies during her recent graduation.

My name's Alyson Nicholds now Doctor Alyson Nicholds and i studied in INLOGOV which is the Institute of Local Government Studies.

You know obviously the University is very well known it's got a very good reputation, its part of the Russell Group so it was all part of that really for me it was a prestigious place to come and a prestigious place to study your doctorate.

I think there's some lovely people here some really good people I think it's a lovely campus the quality of the teaching and supervision is just out of this world actually I would go as far as to say the PhD that I’ve done I’ve loved the process I’ve been very impressed with it.

The level of knowledge that you acquire really throughout the whole course it's not just substantive knowledge it's very theoretical it kind of grounds you and gives you a confidence that you probably wouldn't get anywhere else actually it's not easy because of that it makes it more challenging but it makes it more fore filling when you come through the other side.

I'm freelancing now such is the confidence that it's given you throughout the four years that you feel in terms of being a practitioner before as I was I now combine that ex-practitioner with the academic side and offer a more grounded practice led theory led support and consultancy that I couldn't have done before I’d done this.

I would say treat it like a job, really. Have a break don't let it get on top of you work hard but play hard too and have some time off. Do your nine to five and when it gets to the end then your weekends come you must put the hours in then but there's so much to do you could go on forever so treat it like a job I would say but work hard within those hours."

Course details: Local Government Studies PhD/MPhil