Executive development

If you are an employer looking for a course for your employees, or an individual investing in your own personal development, we offer a diverse range of courses and pathways of study and development. All of our Executive development courses are designed to reflect work-based practice, while also benefiting from the internationally significant research that is inherent in our strong academic knowledge base.

We have a wide range of Continuing professional development (CPD) options from degrees to accredited short courses and seminars:

Visit our Postgraduate degrees page to view further information on the different types of degrees offered.

Seminar programme 2014

INLOGOV offers a range of topical seminars on campus, which can also be run in-house for one or a group of local authorities. More information about our Seminar programme.


forthcoming events to be announced shortly

Five day accredited short courses

The department has an exciting range of five day programmes to compliment and expand our existing portfolio. More information about our accredited short courses.


Executive Programme in Strategic Commissioning (5 day course)

Tuesday 3rd March 2015
03, 04 and 05 March and 23, 24 April 2014. This Executive Programme in Strategic Commissioning focuses directly on the current challenge of coping with public service funding cuts at a time of rising service needs and expectations.


See also the Continuing professional development page for further information.