Leading communities: councillors and their role in turbulent times

Edgbaston campus, University of Birmingham
Social Sciences, Teaching
Wednesday 13th March 2013 (12:30-16:30)

Sue Platt
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Flyer: Leading Communities: Councillors and their Role in Turbulent Times

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Community leadership is and always has been at the heart of what it is to be a councillor. Yet these are turbulent times with councillors facing an increasingly complex set of challenges and expectations. Councillors find themselves in the frontline as austerity bites and service cuts threaten to undermine trust. At the same time greater citizen and user participation are seen as central to enabling community wellbeing and service improvement.

This seminar will explore the real world of ‘leading communities’ from the councillor’s perspective. It will provide an opportunity for participants to tap into the experience of their peers, build on the knowledge and skills they already possess and draw on INLOGOV’s access to the best in current research on community engagement in the UK and beyond.

What are the benefits of atttending the seminar?

Bespoke Seminar based on participants' needs. Access to the most recent INLOGOV research on councillor engagment. During the seminar participants will have an opportunity to:

  • identify and share the leadership challenges they are facing in relation to community and citizen engagement; 
  • learn with and from each other about how to address these challenges; 
  • gain insights drawn from the latest research and practice; 
  • be introduced to conceptual and practical tools, and case study material which will assist them in addressing the challenges they face.

Who should attend?

All councillors,  particularly those invlolved with engagement and inclusion.


£95. £50 for each particpant if more than one attends from an authority. This fee includes refreshments, lunch and resource pack. Places are limited, so please book early.

Booking Information

To register a place at this seminar, please visit our e-shop. If you encounter any problems whilst booking, please contact Sue Platt (s.p.platt@bham.ac.uk).

Flyer: Leading Communities: Councillors and their Role in Turbulent Times