Professor Helen Sullivan hosts 'Table for Ten' as part of the University's Policy Commission on the future of local public services

On Tuesday 30 November Professor Helen Sullivan hosted a dinner for a group of University of Birmingham students, alumni and staff on theme of 'Where now for the Public Sector and the aspiring Public Service Professional?'.

The 'Table for Ten' discussion was one of a number held at the University of Birmingham focused on the issue of employability. Participants from the voluntary sector, local government, police and health service engaged in a lively discussion exploring the implications of current public service reforms for how public services are organised and run, the role of professionals and their relationships with citizens and service users, and the kinds of education and training future public service professionals will require from organisations like the University of Birmingham. The discussion was one of a number of events held as part of the University's ongoing Policy Commission into 'The future of local public services in the 'Big Society'.


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