The future role of the private sector in the delivery of public services

The University of Birmingham and Demos Policy Commission on 'The future of local public services in a 'big society'' held its fourth workshop on 28 March at the University of Birmingham.

The  UoB / Demos Policy Commission on ‘The future of local public services in a ‘big society’’ met with members of the Confederation of British Industry's (CBI) public services strategy board on 28th March at CBI’s offices in London. The meeting covered a wide range of issues of interest to the Commission including: the respective roles of central and local government in supporting, resourcing and regulating local public services, the contribution of private sector providers to  ‘behaviour change’ initiatives, the potential of outcomes-based commissioning and community-based budgeting and the implications for how public, private and third sector organisations work together and for accountability to citizens, the design of new financing and partnership arrangements to support the delivery of local public services, and the key skills required of the ‘new public servants’.

A full report of the workshop available on the Policy Commission website.

Previous workshops explored:

If you would like to make a contribution to this workshop or to the commission’s work more widely please get in touch with Professor Helen Sullivan who is leading this Policy Commission for the University.
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