Dr Peter Watt Visiting Professor at Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Peter Watt has spent most of August in Japan as a visiting professor at the Institute of Business and Accounting (IBA), Profesisonal Graduate School, Kwansei Gakuin University.

As well as presenting a series of lectures to academic staff, doctoral researchers and postgraduate students of business and accountancy, Peter has also visited several local governments in Japan and met with senior staff in the company of Professor Toshihiko Ishihara, who heads the IBA and who himself is a visiting professor of the University of Birmingham. 

Says INLOGOV Director, Professor John Raine, '...There has been a really positive relationship between our two Institutes over several years - with Toshihiko regularly bringing small groups of Japanese local government officers to Birmingham for short study visits and several INLOGOV staff, myself included, enjoying short tudy visits and wonderful hospitality in Japan. Local Government in Japan and the UK share much in common and have much to learn from one another. And we are now looking forward to next April when Professor Ishihara will be with ui for a three month visit during which we will be able to futher our co-operation in comparative research on local government in our two countries...'.