The Institute of Local Government Studies is the UK’s leading centre for research in the inter-disciplinary field of local government. Our work spans themes such as:

  • Public institutions and governance
  • Public performance and delivery
  • Democracy, representation and participation

INLOGOV’s research has recently been supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme, the Local Authorities Research Council Initiative and the British Academy, together with a number of public bodies, including the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Office for Civil Society and as part of major national evaluations including the Olympic Legacy project.

In the last five years, INLOGOV has won almost forty new research grants to a value of approximately £1 million.


Current research

Shrinking the state: analysing the reform of arm's length bodies (2012-2015)

This three year project will analyse the UK Coalition Government's major reform of 'arm's length bodies' (ALBs – often called 'quangos'). Quangos are a frequent focus for public, political and media criticism, regarded as unaccountable, wasteful, and self-serving. But they are also indispensible to modern government, preventing ministers from becoming overloaded, bringing expert advice and management to complex policy issues, and undertaking regulatory and quasi-judicial tasks that need to be politically independent.

More research projects throughout the department.